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Ten reasons you book with Classic Sailing

Eda Frandsen in Scotland - outer hebrides

Why do you sail?

It's a question asked in our feedback form.

From small to large ships, from day sails and short breaks to ocean epics - the reasons often tell a romantic story.

1. Curiosity!

"This was my first trip, so I came out of curiosity. I will go again because it is a great way to fully get away from my  usual way of life and get a new perspective on things."
Cargo run on Grayhound between Brittany and Cornwall

Sail Cargo Routes on Grayhound

Help sail beer and wine across the English Channel between Brittany and Devon, including stops in the Isles of Scilly and South West coastal towns and villages.

View the full list of cargo voyage and find out how you can get sign up as guest crew here. 

2. Different to the Everyday

"Something completely different to everyday life.
The wind in the sails the movement of the sea.  
The pleasure of sailing" 

Cross Channel Brittany trip on Brixham Trawler Provident

Explore Brittany

Boasting more than 2700 kilometres of coastline, Brittany definitely deserves its reputation as a sailor's delight. Join one of vessels for a round trip journey from Devon: 

View the full list of voyages here. 

3.  Connection with Nature and History

"I love being at sea with just open skies and the natural noises of wind, wave, birds and the boat. Sailing Irene you feel a connection to a long and proud history of sail powered vessels." Sail, Walk and Paddle Trip in Scotland on Irene

Click to view our vessel page on Irene
Short Tasters & First Introductions

Beginners can choose pretty much any voyage on our website as full training is provided. Check out our list of short breaks and tasters here.  

4.  Remote and Beautiful Landscapes

"To discover remote and beautiful landscapes. 
I enjoy being on historical tall ships and sharing unforgettable moments in a small friendly group."

Sailing Journeys on Tecla 

click to view Tecla's vessel page
Remote Landscapes & Seascapes

One of the best sailing grounds in the UK has to be Scotland - the remote islands provide a sailing experience like no other. 

Click here to view all of our Scottish voyages. 

5. Meeting New People

"I enjoy sailing because you get to meet a variety of new people, experienced crew very happy to help with literally learning the ropes. 

I just enjoy being out on the water away from all the modern daily intrusion, hustle and bustle. 

It tends to leave me relaxed with a more open and positive outlook on life." - Short Break out of Cornwall

Vessel details on Agnes
Coastal Sailing

Coastal sailing is by far the most popular type of voyage that we offer and every vessel in the fleet has an element of coastal sailing in their programme. Ever since we founded Classic Sailing, exploring ashore has been as important to us as adventure afloat.

View all our coastal sailing voyages here. 

6. Relaxation

"Relaxation, stimulation, and to learn how each vessel behaves under sail. The opportunity to spot wildlife is a real bonus." - Provident sailor off the Devon coast

Ocean Passages

Ocean passages give you plenty of time to breathe deep and take stock of your life, whilst having a purpose to work together to sail the ship to the final destination - or calling in at Atlantic islands along the way. 

View all ocean passages here. 

7. Adventure

"There is a sense of adventure in any sailing voyage, which I enjoy. I am interested in the workings of a traditional craft and I find the exacting challenges of helping to sail the boat rewarding. The companionship and team spirit is not to be underrated either." - Eda Frandsen in Scotland

A Sense of Adventure on Eda
Group photo - crew and guest crew on Eda Frandsen
Adventure Voyages

Our adventure voyages are typically 6 days or longer, from UK shores to Caribbean waters and Antarctic regions - there are plenty of adventurous voyages to choose from on our web page here. 

8. Direct contact with the Elements

"To get away from emails, from unwanted canned music, from advertising and all such unasked-for interruptions of life. To return to the here and now, to genuine face-to-face encounters, and to direct contact with the elements and the stars." - Blue Clipper trip from Scotland to Iceland

On the helm of Tecla
On the helm of Tecla
Sailing Journeys

From Cornwall to Scotland, Scotland to Iceland and other exciting sailing passages Classic Sailing vessels travel far and wide and offer unusual ways to get from A to B. 

9. Active Holiday

Nice active way to visit places, meet people and learn new skills." - Leader trip 

Leader raising the sails
Classic Sailing Voyages

Every single Classic Sailing voyage provides an ideal environment to visit places, meet people and learn new skills. 

View all our voyages here. 

10. Freedom

"Love the freedom and the company" -  "Love the sea and the outdoors" - "Part of my bucket list" - "Unique experience every day" - In case you needed another reason!

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