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6 More Mini Expeditions on Outdoor Girl for Summer 2021

sunrise on a roman built quay in the Helford River

First Season fully booked - The Summer Outdoors

The was something about these 2 and 3 day adventures on 17ft Spritsail Yawl Outdoor Girl that struck a chord with customers this summer. It was almost as if grown ups decided to become children once more. The more rules there were for Covid-19, the more we all wanted to play 'hookey' and run away to somwhere beautiful. The moment we were allowed to travel and stay overnight - for those that could escape work, it became 'the summer outdoors'. Not travelling far but really cherishing what we find and seeing the world on our doorstep with fresh eyes. Proper campfires, not the instant ones from sainsburies, sooty billy cans and wading ashore like a commando with tents in waterproof bags.

Wild camping was that little bit of law breaking that did not encroach on anybody's safety as the places that skipper Debbie found, you were unlikely to be disturbed by other human beings. Ducks, curlews, seals, gannets, the crunch of the incoming tide, and the every noisy tawny owls were our companions. So far this year nobody has shouted 'Get off my land' but plenty of other water users have paddled past on kayaks and paddleboards - all looking for their 'special place' that no one else had thought of.

So will next year be your turn to spend a sailing holiday without an engine? Could you sail, row and camp on a boat without a roof and a WC with a 360 degree view?

open boat sailing and camping on Outdoor Girl

2021 Sailing Programme for Outdoor Girl

Debbie is off to Lyme Regis Boat Building School for 40 weeks soon. She is coming back to Cornwall to run a weekend expedition a month from February through to June 2021. Quite a few of these voyages are already booked. July will be frantic as the students try and finish their boat building projects for the end of the course on 30th July, so we currently have no expedition dates in this month. 

We have just launched 6 extra voyages through August and September as Debbie will be back full time in St Mawes and itching to sail boats again, instead of building them. If you want warm seas to swim in, then this is as warm as it gets so 'woman up' or 'man up'

outdoor girl -weekends ion an open boat in cornwall

Change to Price Structure

Whilst Outdoor Girl is commercially licenced for 4 people, we have deliberated focused on one to one staff to guest ratio, or one to two friends or couples, with Debbie as both adventure buddy and RYA sailing instructor. This was to conform with social distancing 

In 2021 we have changed the price structure to allow 2 strangers to sail together but enjoy a tent each at night, but the numbers are still very low with a max of 2 people with a skipper.

The most affordable option is 2 friends from same social bubble but sharing a tent - booking the whole boat with skipper in a second tent (from £250 for 2 days/one night tasters)

The new price option is for solo travellers that are willing to share the expedition boat with one other person they dont know, plus skipper Debbie....but you all still have a tent each.

The opportunity to book the whole boat for one to one coaching/ local guiding with Debbie is still very much available, but the price has increased slightly. 

campfires with the Durham University girls


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