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Alaska to Galapagos by Tall Ship – Sept 2019

A pioneering voyage for Tecla - Sail Alaska

Alaska to Galapagos – crew search starts now

North West Passage – Tecla is coming through

Tecla crew are at Goja Haven. They still have thousands of miles to go across Northern Canada and Alaska, but they have got through the main ice choke points and the ships office has started booking flights home from Nome, Alaska (the other option would have been Nova Scotia!)

Its been difficult holding back our enthusiasm for the next leg of their world voyage. BOOKINGS were shut until the expedition leaders were confident they will get through to the Pacific. The ship has just announced by satellite communications that it is open water cruising from now on and Tecla will be coming through the wider part of the North West Passage to the Pacific this month.

They arrive in Nome in September and the next leg is now open for bookings:


cotton grass and tundra flowers - sail Alaska
cotton grass and tundra flowers - sail Alaska

Alaska & stop in the Aleutian Isles

After a momentous transit through the North West Passage to Tecla will not be 'resting on her laurels'. Her next nautical mission is to head all the way South to explore the Antarctic, via some incredible stop overs in the Pacific. This voyage takes you from Alaska at the narrowest point of the Bering Strait, only 51 miles from Russia to Dutch Harbour in the Aleutian Isles. Classic Sailing have never promoted a tall ship in Alaskan waters before, or the North Pacific, so another first for Tecla.

North Pacific to Galapagos

“We’re homeward bound from the Arctic Ground,

Rolling down to Old Maui”

(American/ Hawaiian whaling crew shanty)

Beyond this chain of islands lies an awful lot of ocean. The wild North Pacific, classic blue water sailing in the trade wind belts and into equatorial squalls and calms. Lying on the equator the Galapagos and all its amazing wildlife is your prize. You will have truly earned your turtle tattoo.

So can you seize the day and join them?

Photo by Howard Gear. Tecla crossing the Pacific
Photo by Howard Gear. Tecla crossing the Pacific from north to South


Can you do the dates? 19th Sept 2019 to 13th November 2019      YES/NO

Do you have enough good health, ocean sea legs and stamina for a 56 day ocean passage and 6000 miles of ocean sailing from the Arctic to the Equator?      YES/NO

Can you afford it? €4928 euros for sailors under 26. €6160 euros for over 26yrs (per person in 2 person ensuite cabins)

YES – what are you waiting for? Only 12 places. If you are accepted the full amount would be due in 7 days.

NO – but, you really want to do it. It is probable it will fill up with full paying adventurers.....but the situation may change as it is a short lead in to find suitable crew.

Tecla is run very professionally by a Dutch family. They quite properly chose not to take advance bookings for this voyage as there was no guarantee that Tecla would get through the NWP.( If she had been unable to get through the ice they would have reverted to plan B and sailed her down the US East Coast and through the Panama Canal, to pick up the rest of their world voyage customers in the Galapagos. They now have a very short time to find 12 people with 56 days spare that will be fit enough for the rigours of this ocean adventure AND have €6160 euros handy (or a credit card with balance to spend!).

If you can’t afford it yet, but are very interested, sign up for Classic Sailing Newsletter, keep an eye on our special offer pages and perhaps touch base with us by email or phone to say you are potentially interested but not able to commit just yet.

Classic Sailing UK office 0044 (0)1872 580022

Galapagos landscapes to sail between on Tecla
Galapagos landscapes - shades of 'Master & Commander'


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