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Blue Clipper - Heading North Scotland, Faroes and Iceland 2019

The view out West from Canna by Melissa Williams

Celtic & Viking Routes

Blue Clipper has a busy winter in the Caribbean and returns to the Uk in Spring for a refit. In June she starts her summer season sailing from Liverpool to Ullapool. These long days of early summer are a perfect time of year to enjoy Scotland and all the breeding birds and wildlife . 

Faroes as a Stepping Stone.

Blue Clipper is stopping off in the Faroes on the way to Iceland. The 18 islands of the Faroes are hard to miss as a landmark for sailors sailing between Iceland and Scotland.. The cliffs of Slaettaratindur rise almost vertically from sea level to 882 metres and are the highest sea cliffs in Europe.  Facing the full fury of the Atlantic Ocean these islands have endured and life here is still tough. If you love wild locations teeming in seabirds with a brooding sense that the vikings have never left, then the Faroes should be on your bucket list.

Faroes North Coast by Debbie Purser
Faroes North Coast by Debbie Purser

A Taste of Coastal Iceland

Blue Clipper is ending her voyage to Iceland in Isafjordur this summer. Nestled in the NW Fjords on a peninsula that sticks out like a hand towards Greenland, this is considered remote by the Icelanders. There is a domestic airport to fly between Isafjordur and Reykjavik or a tortuous road for hire cars.  

Iceland is a bird watchers paradise and the NW fjords have sea cliffs, puffins and seabird colonies that make St Kilda look rather tiny. Offshore and in the deep fjords keep your eyes peeled for the spout of a whale, or the tail flukes as they dive their favourite feeding waters. The coasts of Iceland are rich in fish so don't miss a chance to tow a fishing line.


Crew walking in the NW Fjords, Iceland. Photo by Adam Purser
Crew walking in the NW Fjords, Iceland. Photo by Adam Purser



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