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Blue Clipper Reviews

Blue Clipper Atlantic Crossing crew and Becky

Blue Clipper - Customer Comments

Over the first couple of days we got to go out onto the bowsprit with a member of the crew. It was wonderful to sit there and watch the sea stretch for miles ahead, and see the whole boat behind us. The best bit came a few days later when I got to go out on the bowsprit again but this time to help bring down some sails. The seas were a little choppier this time round, but wrestling the jibs against the winds was truly exhilarating!


Unfortunately I got a little seasick one of the nights. I think it couldn't be avoided, and soon learned that sleeping through it can be really helpful. Vomiting on deck also helped... This didn't ruin the trip though! It was really the only low-light.


I sailed this time because I never had and wanted to try something new. When I was 11 I had read Swallows and Amazons and had become a little obsessed with the idea of sailing, but I couldn't sail then. So part of me wanted to give my 11 year old self a gift! I will be sailing more now that I've experienced it. In particular I enjoyed the large amounts of learning on board the vessel. I loved learning about knots, the weather, the stars, course plotting, the different lines and sails. I also like the idea of visiting remote islands, and sailing seems like a good way to do that over the next couple of years. Visiting the Pacific Islands would be particularly exciting! Ludo T 30 March 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the voyage with Steve, Emma and their crew. We were well looked after, the cabins were warm, the beds comfortable, the food was great. Particularly Emma was very keen to get us involved and to increase our boating/sailing knowledge. the hospitality was phenomenal. The boat is clearly well looked after and the crew function well as a team. they went out of their way to teach us Gaelic, Scottish songs (much appreciated!) and organise day trips on land. Victoria Janes (Guinness – Whisky TS Blue Clipper)

Just a quick note to say that myself and Marika really enjoyed our trip. The staff were amazing so please do pass on my thanks especially to Ezmay for her amazing food (although have gone up about two dress sizes in about a week!) and to the two Kats and Katie who really looked after us. The scenery was also out of this world. – Vicky Adnitt (Guinness – Whisky TS Blue Clipper)

Blue Clipper on the horizon

Thank you for providing one of the best experiences of my life. It was too short, guess I will need to do more voyages. - (J Whistler, 2018)

Best bits: Taking the helm and holding the ship to the wind as we ripped along. Working with ropes and being part of a team. (M Lewis)


What was the best bit?

It's hard to choose one best part as it was a wonderful trip with a lovely crew. But if pushed I would say going out on the bow sprit with the sun shining and the turquoise sea below my feet - definitely the best place be when sailing.

What was the worst bit?

Discovering for the first time in my life that I do actually suffer from seasickness. Boooo

Why do you sail?

I sail primarily to see the world in a different way, to slow down and arrive in ports they way they are intended to be seen. I like going to parts of the world not primarily to sit around, but to be active and for the journey to be as important (or more important) than the destination. And to sail tallships is always to be smug about arriving on the best vessel in the bay :)" - Jan B - Caribbean voyage

Blue Clipper in the sunset by Jan Broderick - Guest crew in the Caribbean
Blue Clipper in the sunset by Jan Broderick - Guest crew in the Caribbean

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