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Blue Clipper - Winter Sun Atlantic Circuit 2018 - 2019 Canaries, Cape Verde, Caribbean & Cuba

Caribbean for diving and sailing

South Till The Butter Melts - Canaries in November 2019

Blue Clipper refits in Portugal, so Portimaio is a well known home port for the crew and a nice place to start your warmer winter voyages. This three masted schooner is heading South to the Canaries and the temperature should get warmer as you go. It is still possible to get rough weather but this is a good ocean voyage taster, skipping the Bay of Biscay and below the path of most the Westerly depressions. A good voyage for cetacean spotting as you are close to the continental shelf where upwellings bring nutrients and plankton to the surface.

Mini Blue Water Passage - Canaries to Cape Verde

This passage is more of a 'sail in shorts and t shirt' temperature than the voyage above and you are heading towards tropical Cape Verde and the belt of NE trade winds that traditionally helps sailing ships cross the Atlantic with speed.  There are good chances you will see flying fish now.

Classic Trade Wind Crossing over Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019

A Bucket List trip - crossing the North Atlantic on a classic schooner from one hot destination to another.  The island of Sal is a popular winter holiday destination for windsurfers and kite surfers so there are daily flights and charter flights from places like Gatwick and Manchester.

If Blue Clipper makes a fast crossing to the Caribbean there may be time to explore and enjoy the coastal anchorages of Barbados.

Sail a British three masted schooner in the Caribbean

Schooner in the Caribbean - Island Hopping in the Windy Indies 

Blue Clipper will spend January and February 2019 in the Windward Isles, before moving up the Island chain towards Puerto Rico and Cuba

Join Blue Clipper on this voyage to some of the most exotic and desired destinations in the Caribbean. Make sure you start the New Year in Style by spending January exploring the Islands of the Caribbean. Join the boat in Bridgetown, Barbados, as we spend the next 2 weeks exploring the beautiful Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Visits to many of the Windward Islands will be possible including Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent, the Grenadines and Grenada. 

Breathtaking natural beauty combined with old-world charm defines the magical allure of the Eastern Caribbean. With a distinctive fusion of European, African and Latin American influences, this region boasts quaint towns alive with divers cultures amongst a breathtaking backdrop of swaying palm trees, velveteen sands and turquoise waters accented with rainbow fish. The locals are friendly, the duty free shops bustling and the cultures fascinating. Soak up the sun, adopt a laid-back island mindset or explore coral reefs teeming with marine life there is something for everyone on this voyage. 

Blue Clipper-sunny bowsprit

Caribbean  March 2019 - Spanish Isles

The Islands of the Spanish lie in the North-eastern part of the Caribbean between the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico.  The Dominican Republic occupies two thirds of the eastern side of Hispaniola, a popular and inviting destination.  Be enticed by the local gastronomy served at the many fine restaurants here .  One such famous dish being "pescado con salsa de coco" - fish in coconut sauce.  It is simply delicious.  

Puerto Rico and its neighbouring Spanish Virgin Islands are rather isolated yet beautiful destinations. A tropical paradise with extensive beaches and mountainous interior attracting all to its shores.  Nowadays, the island has a diverse blend of cultures influenced by Spanish, West Indians, Africans and Americans.  Take a trip inland to visit the El Yunque rainforest.  The views are simply stunning as are the impressive waterfalls and exotic wildlife.  

The Spanish Virgin Islands are a group of islands and reefs east of Fajardo.  The main areas are Vieques and Culebra, two unspoiled, undeveloped islands that offer perfect beach days.  We have the opportunity to anchor in the world famous Mosquito Bay is an amazing experience you will never forget.  

Cuba is a big island

Blue Clipper is returning to Cuba in 2019 and she has more voyages here than 2018. Cuba is becoming a popular destination amongst the Classic Sailing fleet. Oosterschelde has been here in 2017 and 2018. Blue Clipper is back for more. Once you are away from the vibrant and musical Havana, there is very little tourism and the coast line is awesome.

Caribbean Sailing in Cuba
Caribbean Sailing in Cuba


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