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Coronavirus 22 March 2020 Update No 2

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Since February 2020, infections with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) have been confirmed in many parts of the world. In each country and globally, health authorities and governments are constantly monitoring the situation and giving advice, rules and regulations to their citizens and visitors.

Classic Sailing is a booking agent for voyages all over the world, all year round. We regret it is impossible for Classic Sailing to make a blanket statement to customers about whether a future voyage will run.  

We have voyage start dates running from now until October 2021.

Your booking is a contract with the actual voyage operator. We have 16 sailing operators running 23 vessels. Each business has different terms and conditions, cancellation terms and approaches to the Coronavirus and the travel disruption it is causing.


Customers Wanting to Book a Sailing holiday

Classic Sailing is not promoting voyages that start before June 2020 and we will review this policy as and when required.

Classic Sailing is still happy to take new 2021 voyage bookings and some 2020 voyages later in the summer, as we hope most countries affected by Coronavirus will have passed the peak infection point.

Where a whole programme is likely to be disrupted by countrywide lockdowns, several vessel operators are working on totally new programmes for later in the summer-autumn season or next year, to take advantage of sailing areas as the travel restrictions are lifted.

For some remote parts of the world, especially isolated islands, they are currently managing to keep the virus out of their communities. We believe they will get cases of the virus later than us, so their peak and subsequent decline in cases are yet to come. This means there may be a long time lag before vessel crews can safely explore there... and be welcome.


Customers who have already booked?

Both Classic Sailing and the individual Vessel Operators are monitoring the developments daily and reserve the right to alter policies as required.

Classic Sailing is unable to answer all the diverse questions from customers to our many and varied suppliers. For simplicity, we will give existing customers contact details for the office of the vessel they are sailing on. This will ensure your answers are from the people with responsibility for the decisions on your voyage.


Travel Restrictions

There may be travel restrictions in your country of residence and in the countries you are going to or through.

It is not possible for Classic Sailing to keep up to date with all the travel advice, restrictions and government policies from around the world.

It is your responsibility to comply with any requirements placed on you by the authorities.


What voyages have been cancelled?

Voyages are being cancelled from day to day. If your voyage is withdrawn you will be informed as soon as possible by either the vessel owner or by Classic Sailing.

Some voyages are still currently going ahead, but it does not mean that customers from all countries will be able to get to the voyage.

Voyages on Classic Sailing Website that are marked ‘Not Available’ mean that Classic Sailing as a company is not prepared to take new bookings for that voyage. Individual vessels have placed different end dates on these restrictions.

Classic Sailing does not think it ethical to take new bookings for voyages starting before 1st June 2020. This will re reappraised regularly.

If you are already booked on a voyage that is ‘Not Available’ it does not mean the voyage is necessarily cancelled. Some vessels may still be running. You will be informed directly by the supplier or Classic Sailing if a voyage is cancelled and what your options are.

Firstly we would like to emphasise that it is not the choice of the supplier that a voyage is cancelled. This is a result government policy or of Force Majeure due to a worldwide pandemic- a situation beyond their and Classic Sailing’s control that could not have been foreseen when the original bookings were taken. 

The vessel suppliers make the difficult decision to cancel a voyage to conform to the law, Government advisory statements and also their own common sense on customer and staff safety. Whilst this sounds clear cut, the UK Government, for example, has changed directions several times in their emergency planning requests to businesses and the general public.


Voyages within the UK

The British Government is actively discouraging non-essential travel.

Our Uk based operators have or will be outlining their policy towards this. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for their individual Coronavirus Mitigation Statements. We expect these to be regularly updated by suppliers, will we try to keep these up to date on our website.


Alternative Routes

If circumstances make it necessary the vessel you are sailing on may choose a different destination, start or end port for your voyage if this happens, we will, of course, notify you as soon as possible.


 What if I want to cancel my trip myself?

You can always decide to cancel your trip. You will need to check the cancellation policy of the vessel you are sailing on to see how it affects you.

Vessel Terms & Conditions


I have Travel Insurance

Does the insurance cover my cancellation due to the Coronavirus?

This question is best answered by your insurance company.


Classic Sailing Update 2    22-3-2020




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