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Donna Wood - Kit List

Hiking Clothing is good for Greenland trips

Kit List for Donna Wood 


  • Duvet, sheets, pillows, pillowcase.
  • Towles

What is not Included

  • Waterproof jackets and trousers
  • Alcoholic drinks but they can be purchased on board

What to bring

  • Small flashlight.
  • Binoculars.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun-protection and bug repellant.
  • Warm clothes incl. scarf, mittens, hat and warm thermal underwear.
  • Light wool sweater or fleece (2nd layer).
  • Warm Jacket – Wool or fleece (3rd layer).
  • Shell Jacket or/and Rain jacket with hood – Waterproof and breathable material. Gore-Tex or alternative.
  • Hiking Boots – The boots should be of leather (or leather and synthetic) with high cut to give sufficient ankle support. Preferably the sole should be soft but robust. Gore-Tex or alternative waterproof membrane is a preferable extra.
  • Water container – e.g. plastic bottle (pet plastic).
  • Camera equipment – Incl. spare batteries, memory card and/or films.
  • Toothbrush, earplugs and other personal belongings.

It is advisable that what you wear is either waterproof or easy to dry.


Can I wash or/and dry your clothes?

Due to shortage on water supply, we will ask you to avoid cleaning your clothes on board. If anything gets wet during the trip, the engine room is very warm and can be used as a perfect drying place.

Can I recharge batteries and use the electrical power onboard?

Power for charging your batteries is available during sailing, when the motor is running (220V). We ask you to noHildur in Greenland Historic Anchoraget charge batteries during the night, when anchoring. Standard Icelandic plugs are available (two pins EU size).

Is there phone / web access?

The area we are cruising is very remote. Cell phones and internet are not working. Part of the charm of the trip is this fact actually!

However cell phones work at the airport in Constable Point and also in Ittoqqortoormiit, the village where we spend the two last nights.

If urgent, passengers can make a phonecall with one of the ship’s satellite phones or send e-mail, sms or fax via Inmarsat, (the ship’s satellite communications system)


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