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Eda Frandsen - Chloe's Cooking Creations

Cheese board on board

Foodie Team Aboard Eda Frandsen

At Classic Sailing we are lucky that many of the vessels we work with cook exceptionally good food, but the team on Eda Frandsen has really pulled out the stops to impress this year.

James's enthusiasm for catching crabs and lobster with the ships own creels (pots) combined with ships cook Chloe creating amazing puddings and home baking, means the food is definitely going to be a highlight of your voyage on Eda Frandsen.

Cornish Pasties in the Outer Hebrides

Now if a Cornish based boat is going to spend half a season in Scotland where are they going to get a decent Cornish Pasty ? No problem with a cook from the Isles of Scilly. Chloe will just bake them on board.  Not just a delicious golden pasty but one with your initials on too.

Haggis night has become a firm favourite amongst guests….and not just on whisky tasting tours.  First you have to catch you haggis…

Cornish Pasties backed fresh on Eda Frandsen  but not always in Cornwall

Decorative Knots on Board

Four plait bread for breakfast anyone ? Beats making baggy wrinkles or monkeys fists we think. Waking up to the fresh smell of baking bread is pure delight. 

Puddings for all Dietary requirements

Lime and ginger baked cheesecake to ward off scurvy.  Flourless chocolate and pear torte for gluten free guests, in fact Chloe can work around every dietary excuse not to eat pudding so beware  waistlines.

West Coast Prolific for Crabs

James has been amazed at his haul of edible crabs and lobster this summer in Scotland. Sadly in Cornwall they were not as big.  Classic Sailing Oscars are a fun award at the end of the season and in 2013 we awarded Eda Frandsen the prize for the most Seafood caught during a season. Every week it seemed was a photo of a bigger crab caught and the masterstroke was a beautiful lobster at the end of the season. Even the Bretons were impressed at the lobster catch post on facebook.

Seafood on Eda Frandsen. Crabs - look what we caught

Salmon or Moroccan Tangine Cooking ?

Luckily Eda Frandsen is a big physical boat to sail so you should be able to burn off as many calories as you consume. When James worked on Eve of St Mawes as skipper he was a popular cook so some of his favourites will re-appear too. He has worked hard on Eda's refit all winter and still managed to cycle 100 miles a week in anticipation of making more room to scoff Chloe's food this season.


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