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Eda Frandsen - St Kilda & Outer Hebrides 2019

Eda Frandsen aiming for St Kilda

Outer Hebrides Adventures and Sea Journey to St Kilda 2019

Eda is a perfect vessel to join for an extended voyage as she can navigate into the smallest lochs and islets that larger boats can’t reach yet she is incredibly seaworthy and sizeable enough to ensure an enjoyable smooth voyage in longer stretches of waters. Starting that little bit further north from the fishing village of Mallaig, the choices of places to visit are endless. On this 9 day voyage we have the opportunity to venture further afield; with the ultimate aim of reaching St Kilda. Eda Frandsen has visited St Kilda for many years, so her skippers are experienced at spotting suitable sea conditions and weather windows to reach this unique archipelago. If you have to wait a few days, they will make good use of your holiday, exploring the Outer Hebrides and some of their favourite anchorages.

St Kilda Village Bay feather store
Photo R Woodhall - St Kilda Village Bay feather store

The Outer Hebrides

A voyage to St Kilda depends largely on wind and weather conditions due to its exposed location in the Atlantic. The Hebrides alone are a haven for birdlife, spectacular landscapes and scenery and well worth a 9 day visit or more to appreciate their full glory. Each day we will visit somewhere new, from small lochs to wide sandy beaches, towering cliffs and rocky outcrops, you wont be disappointed.

The Outer Hebrides lie thirty miles off the North West coast, with over 40 islands that offer spectacular coastline, stunning mountain scenery, abundant wildlife and a rich and vibrant culture. Each holds its own individual charm and rich history.

Eda Frandsen also regularly visits the Outer Hebrides on her shorter 6 days. Read more about her NW Scotland summer sailing grounds around Skye, the Inner Hebrides, Knoydart and the Small Isles.

Eda Frandsen anchored in South Uist
Eda Frandsen anchored in South Uist

World Heritage Site - St Kilda

In remote isolation, this volcanic archipelago lies 40 miles to the west of the Outer Hebrides deep in the Atlantic. These majestic islands have the most dramatic landscapes, towering cliffs and beautiful beaches and is now a dual World Heritage Site.

Home to the largest colonies of guillemots in the world, the highest number of fulmars and breeding puffin in the UK and over a million seabirds, this is a fantastic paradise for birdlife. St Kilda also has its own unique St. Kilda Wren, with a slightly bigger beak and a different song; it is estimated that there are 250 breeding pairs and a major sighting for any ornithologist or amateur bird watchers.

Between the Hebrides and St Kilda, we regularly see dolphins, whales and seals so don’t forget your camera.

St Kilda cliffs and seabirds on Eda Frandsen
St Kilda cliffs and seabirds on Eda Frandsen

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