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Eda Frandsen - Vessel History

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Eda Frandsen History

Eda Frandsen was built in Grenna, Denmark in 1938 and started life fishing for lobsters and  seine netting out of Lemvig in the Baltic. 

Phoenix from the Ashes

Between 1990 and 1995 she was restored, but these 5 years hide a story of amazing determination. Her past owners watched in horror one night as their painstaking restoration went up in flames.  A huge effort from volunteers and shipwrights saw the ship substantially rebuilt although many areas retain the original undamaged wood. In 1995 she rose like a phoenix to the admiration of the wooden boating world as an incredibly strong ‘new’ wooden charter boat and soon gained a loyal following of supporters who came to sail her.

With the Robertson family she was based at Dourne on the NW coast of Scotland and explored every inch of the Inner and Outer Hebrides with charter guests.. She also sailed extensively in Spain,  Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and in 2002 she crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean  winning the Concourse D’Elegance prize in Antigua Classics.

ships wheel on Eda Fransden
ships wheel on Eda Fransden

The James MacKenzie Story - A New Era for Eda

The current owner of Eda is James MacKenzie. He has spent almost all his working life messing about on boats from Lake District summer boating jobs through to sail training on big vessels like Leader and Provident and boat building in the Caribbean. He was just the sort of calm and utterly confidence inspiring sort of skipper that Classic Sailing were looking for to skipper our own boat 'Eve of St Mawes' back in 2009. James put his heart and soul into our little pilot cutter, but his eye was on a vision for his own company where he could bring together all his hard won ideas for the best adventure charter boat in the business. When he came to us and explained he wanted to buy Eda Frandsen we knew she was the right vessel for James. We waved goodbye to James and the rest is history.

A Boat as Your Bothy - but with Legendary Catering

10 years on and Eda has been a great success and can still be found roaming the Hebrides far and wild from a summer base in Mallaig. Her other spring - winter - autumn home is down in Cornwall. In the first season a mermaid from the Isles of Scilly stole James heart ....and Chloe brought a new dimension to Eda Frandsen voyages. The catering on Eda has always been good but now it is legendary. Chloe Gillatt is always striving to bring new perfections to baking, championing local suppliers, and creatively dealing with the live seafood catches from the ships food foraging mate and skipper.

James and Chloe on Eda Frandsen
James and Chloe on Eda Frandsen and James with guest on the helm


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