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End of season round-up of the sailing season on Grayhound, but where next?

Andy Lawrence in the Isles of Scilly on Grayhound

End of Season Round-Up

Grayhound's 2018 Adventures are Coming to an End, but Where Next?

A superb experience, unlike any other sailing I have experienced in 50 years or so.The captain, Marcus was very knowledgeable and capable, his wife, Freya an excellent cook and the crew Pierre and Jasper, not forgetting Georgia, were great company, very patient and added to the joy of it all.
Highly recommended." - by Sion Griffiths - Brittany Adventure Cargo Run. 

Cargo Adventures on Grayhound

Three masted lugger Grayhound has sailed an astonishing 37 tonnes of sail cargo this summer by guest crew between the West Country and Brittany, fueled by the wind alone. 

This was my first trip, so I came out of curiosity. I will go again because it is a great way to fully get away from my usual way of life and get a new perspective on things. There is something wonderful about the total isolation of being out on sea. It is also a great way to meet new and interesting people."

Ship's Log - Cork in Ireland loading the hold with Brehon Brew House Beer.

Once the cargo has arrived the crew of the Grayhound, which is 5 permanent and 8 voyage crew hand load the beer into the hold. This normally takes about an hour and we work in a chain. The stackers below have the important job of stowing it very carefully so it does not move and we get maximum space optimisation.

Cargo on Grayhound

Cargo Run from France to Cornwall via the Scillies

The cargo runs across the channel between Brittany and the UK are far more than just a Channel crossing.

In actual fact the 90-100 mile Channel crossing can be all too brief as Grayhound skipper Marcus is rather efficient at picking the right weather window to make a fast passage. The offshore bouncy bit could be over in 10 or 12 hours. On a 7 day voyage you then have quite a bit of coastal sailing in Brittany or the West Country, with the perfect excuse stop in small ports, anchor for a swim or drop off a small cargo and meet the locals.  

The voyages beginning in Douarnenez and sailing to the UK now all go via the Isles of Scilly. A great excuse to go ashore and meet island business owners and learn about life there from a local. From this archipelago 35 miles off Lands End you have a shorter offshore passage before you are under the granite cliffs of West Penwith. If the weather is fair for Falmouth and beyond you might shape a course for Wolf Rock lighthouse, cross the wide Mounts Bay and then tuck behind the Lizard Peninsula. 

Always time for a cool down on Grayhound cargo voyages


Carrying Cargo Further in 2019 - Sail to the Azores 

In 2019 Grayhound is doing a mini scale Atlantic Circuit with several decent sized ocean passages, each with a few days to a week spare at the end of the ocean passage to explore ashore or island hop.

The first ocean passage is an early summer sail across Biscay from Douarnenez to Vigo. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the Ile de Cies National Park and possibly a Spanish Ria or two before you eventually depart in Vigo.

The second 700 mile ocean passage is taking wine and olive oil from Porto to Madeira. This voyage is a nice mix of about 5 days blue water sailing and 3-4 days to explore ashore in Madeira. Famous for its lush vegetation and flowers you cant trek along the Levada canals of the Eastern island and visit Funchal town and market. 

Grayhound offers unique, inspiring, experiences like no other that will keep you coming back for more, but don't just take our word for it: 

“Not much to say here. Don’t ask too many questions, don’t be too worried. Just jump on board and sail away! It’s been a great week on board of the Grayhound, lucky to enjoy all kinds of weather, including a memorable stormy night sail, with captain Markus, Pierre, Jasper and Xeva being a crew I’d go around the world with. Of course, not without Matthew, the cook. Already planning the next voyage!.” George Bucar cargo voyage April 2018

“An unforgettable father and son week aboard Grayhound helping deliver a cargo of wine to the Scillies, Falmouth and Plymouth. The experience of crossing the Channel by night will live with us a long time. Marcus and crew create an atmosphere on board that brings out the best in people, encouraging them to get involved, to learn, to feel part of the crew. Great to have persevered through the seasickness and emerged out the other side, on deck again feeling the wind in our hair, steering, hoisting sails, plotting our course and spotting dolphins leaping under our bow. Superb meals from Matthew, sailing tuition from Pierre, Jasper and Xeva, voyage stories from Virginia and Romanian grit from George. Sailing on the beautifully crafted Grayhound is about as far away from a cruise ship experience that you can get while still being at sea and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with an adventurous spirit. Here’s to a season of bon voyages, Marcus, Freya and crew.” Duncan Faulkner Cargo voyage april 2018


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