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Europa - Magellan Strait & Pacific Programme 2020

The Alternative to Cape Horn - Magellan Strait

PREVIEW - More details to come

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Magellan Strait - Short Cut to the Pacific

Sail Europa across the Equator and South Atlantic to the Magellan Strait.

This 350 mile natural channel cuts through Chile and the Andes mountain chain offering a sea route that varies in width from 3 to 32 miles. For Magellan's sailing ships trying to sail against the prevailling westerlies must have been a nightmare and there were many side channels and dead end fjords.Once steam ships were invented and before the Panama Canal was opened the Magellan Strait was a major shipping route offering respite from the constant storms that sweep the Drakes Passage between Cape Horn and Antarctica.

Magellan Strait, Chilean fjords and glaciers on Europa
Magellan Strait, Chilean fjords and glaciers on Europa

Europa to Celebrate 500 years since First Circumnavigation

Portuguese Navigator Ferdinand Magellan was serving the Spanish when he set off with 5 ships to reach the Spice Islands of Indonesia via South America. Magellan discovered the tortuous channel that cut through to the Pacific but he died later in the voyage and only one ship survived the journey back via the Cape of Good Hope to Spain, but in 1520 it was the first European led expedition to circumnavigate the globe.

Europa will follow Magellan's Route from Spain to South America and the the entrance of the Magellan Strait. Other tall ships are likely to be involved. Punta Arenas sits in the middle of the Magellan Strait, and is a good port to embark on Europa's first Antarctic Voyage. You might even wiggle your way through the Chilean Fjords and come out  near Cape Horn.

4 Antarctic Peninsula Voyages Dec 2019- March 2020

More details to come shortly (before 2nd Jan 2019)

Across the blue Pacific on a square rigger
Across the blue Pacific on a square rigger

Europa Retracing Magellan's Route Across the Pacific

Europa will enter the Pacific after her last Antarctic Voyage. We have not been notified yet if this is around Cape Horn or through the Magellan Strait.

You will have to wait until after New Year to find out where she will go in the Pacific. Magellan went to Indonesia, then called the Spice islands, but there are plenty of island treasures in the South Pacific. She has approx 7 months in the Pacific region and is not heading back to Europe. The Roaring 40 winds South of New Zealand would help her speed back around the Horn for her 2020-21 Antarctic Season.

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