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Europa - Skysails & Stun' Sails

Europa has a full set of stunsail

Skysails - reaching skywards

Europa is one of the few sailing ships in the world to regularly set Skysails and Stun'sails.  A typical mast on a barque or fully rigged ship will have the following 5 yards - Lower Topsail, Upper Topsail, T'gallant and Royal yard.  In the tropics and racing Europa crews will send up an extra skysail mast and skysail, creating a 6th yard.....well over 100ft (32m) from the deck.

Stun'sails - creating vast sail area

Another turbo charged option for Europa in equatorial light wind zones is to set stunsails on the main mast and foremast.  Extra wooden booms slide out from the yard ends and the sails are sent up from the deck....which can be quite entertaining.  Crews are given squall training so they can get them down again quickly!  In hot locations they can also offer quite a bit of nice shade when they are up.

Europa - Normal Sail Plan

As a three masted bark the EUROPA has quite a lot of sails. Once on board you will receive a sailors handbook with more details on the names of the sails and all the corresponding sails. If you want to have a look already please see the list of names below. 

A. Flying jib    I. Fore Royal    Q. Main Topgallant
B. Outer jib    J. Fore Skysail    R. Main Royal
C. Inner jib    K. Main Topmast Staysail    S. Main Skysail
D. Fore Topmast Staysail          L. Main Topgallant Staysail       T. Mizzen Staysail
E. Foresail / Forecourse    M. Main Royal Staysail    U. Mizzen Top Staysail
F. Fore lower topsail    N. Main Sail/ Main Course      V. Mizzen Topgallant Staysail 
G. Fore upper topsail    O. Main Lower Topsail    W. Mizzen
H. Fore Topgallant    P. Main Upper Topsai    Z. Gaff Topsail

Bark Europa - sail plan
Bark Europa - sail plan

Sailing Performance

Maximum speed    The max hull speed is just over 13 knots. In reality 12.5 knots has been made 
All sails up    It takes about 45 minutes to hoist all sails
All sails down    It takes about 5 minutes to take all sails down
Rope on board    Including all sheets, halyards, clew and buntlines, brasses and mooringlines there is 5,5 kilometer rope on board
Close hauled    the EUROPA can sail on a 65 degrees close hauled course

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