Bristol channel Pilot Cutters

Eve of St Mawes – Pilot Cutter

Eve of St Mawes – Pilot Cutter

Eve owes her heritage to the pilot cutters of the Isles of Scilly. Rugged and versatile craft built to withstand the rigours of the Western Approaches in comfort and safety; these little ships were fast, weatherly and immensely strong. Built in 1997 by Luke Powell of Working Sail, many people mistake Eve for an old boat; such is the sense of history within her solid new timbers. Constructed entirely traditionally from the best materials available, Eve was built to last. She has been admired, photographed and written about countless times.

Eve as Classic Sailing ‘Flagship’  1996-2016

Eve of St Mawes was the small but perfectly formed ‘Flagship’ of Classic Sailing from the moment she was launched in 1997. Her characteristic light blue hull and ‘Eve’ on her sail was a common sight in Cornwall and the Scillies.  In 2016 We decided it was time to sell her and change our business model  to concentrate on marketing the rest of our growing fleet. Eve ran over 40 voyages a year without a break for 20 years. Over 3000 customers sailed on Eve and we often meet former Eve sailors in the most unlikely of places, as well as on other traditional ships. . She has now retired from adventurer charter and has been sold to a young family as a private yacht.

Eve of St Mawes Facebook and Friends

We still have an Eve of St Mawes facebook page for Eve sailors to keep in touch. The many photos on her facebook page are popular with artists, model makers and photographers so you can still look at our favourite little blue boat.

Eve of St Mawes Facebook


Marketing Case Study – The Sailing Style that Worked

What to Expect Eve offers block and tackle sailing on an intimate scale. The sailing style is very ‘hands on’ as we normally* sail her with just a skipper and YOU as crew. She can accommodate 6 guests, or 5 students for RYA courses, and the skipper will train you well and monopolise all your skills to get the best out of the boat and your voyage. The majority of our customers book as individuals, so it is a very sociable holiday. On deck you have a boat only 38’ long that beginners can throw around easily for RYA teaching, but the beauty of a bowsprit is that she can also spread her wings. Under full canvas from overhanging boom to bowsprit cap she becomes a 51’ cutter – able to set 5 sails, keeping experienced sailors very busy and create quite a spectacle around the small ports and harbours of Cornwall, Brittany and the Scillies. * On offshore or cross channel voyages we carry a voluntary mate.

What Can I Sail Instead of Eve?

As 38ft ‘Eve of St Mawes’ was the first pilot cutter built by Luke Powell, it is only fitting that his own 46ft Pilot Cutter Agnes is a very worthy alternative to Eve. With two staff on board, a lot more headroom and space below for 6 guests you have a great traditionally rigged charter vessel that is sailed with panache and excellent cooking.

More about Agnes Pilot Cutter, her skipers, accommodation and style of sailing:

Agnes Vessel Page


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