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Grayhound Sailing Schedule 2019 - Sailing Retreats in Galicia

Isles de Cies in Spain

Grayhound's New 2019 Schedule

We are really excited to launch Grayhound's new schedule for 2019. Marcus and Freya both have always loved to go exploring and venturing further afield, which saw Grayhound complete a North Atlantic circuit in her first season. Next year they want to spread the wings again and go exploring south taking Grayhound and her crew to Galicia, Portugal, Madeira and the Azores. These are all places that they have sailed to before when completing Atlantic crossing in the past and they are keen to return and share their love of the islands and their culture with those onboard.

There are voyages to suit everyone with a great balance between open ocean sailing, relaxing sailing retreats with nature, and coastal hopping and Island exploration .We in the Classic Sailing office are incredibly excited for them and wish we could all come too.

They will also be continuing with doing their regular and in demand cargo runs across the Channel, picking up Ale in the Scillies to deliver to mainland Cornwall  and day sails in Dartmouth.. There are plenty of opportunities to sail on this beautiful three masted lugger in 2019 and to meet her adventurous and inspiring young crew who are behind her great reputation for fantastic hospitality and amazing sailing.

Sailing holidays and yoga perhaps
Sailing holidays and yoga perhaps

Sailing Retreats in Galicia 2019 - 'Islands of the Gods'

We think Grayhound is the perfect ship to create these new summer voyages in Northern Spain as they have been doing something similar in the Scillies with families for years.....but this one is for grown ups. Escape mainstream life for a week and top up with heath and vitality. Sail and relax on a 64ft wooden sailing lugger amongst the offshore nature reserve islands and Spanish Rias of Galicia.

Ideal for those who want to escape their frenetic modern lives for a week, re connect with all their senses and re charge their energy levels. Northern Spain is not far to travel and sailing lugger Grayhound is waiting for you as your wooden home, food provider and creator of wholesome outdoor activities.

The Isles de Cies near Vigo offer pristine beaches and nature trails for what ever you want to do. The Grayhound crew have been here before and think it makes a great venue for enjoying their always healthy food on board, supplemented by Galicia's great seafood. Whether you are into yoga practice on the beach, reading, swimming and pulling on ropes, this holiday is designed to be comfortable, relaxed and peaceful.

Just enjoy beaches and nature reserves, perhaps a bit of yoga
Just enjoy beaches and nature reserves, perhaps a bit of yoga

The Romans called them 'Islands of the Gods' and the Guardian Newspaper voted Rodas Beach one of the best beaches in the World.

Outside the school holidays this is a break for grown ups who still like to play Robinson Crusoe, walking barefoot in sugary white sand, collecting shells and exploring nature trails on pine covered islands without huge numbers of tourists at this time of year. 

On Ile de Cies there are a couple of secluded naturist beaches if you need an excuse to take more clothes off .....or there are 6-7 other sandy beaches for those that prefer not to. For nature lovers there are hiking trails.

Grayhound at sea

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