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Lord Nelson Sailing Programme Tall Ships Race 2019

Tall Ships racing on Lord Nelson

The Summer International Tall Ship Race 2019

In 2019 there are three tall ships events in Europe. One in the Black Sea, and early season event and the big summer tall ships race.  The summer event is based in entrance to the Baltic and up the Western coast of Norway. any race based here has a good turnout of Russian, Norwegian and Polish tall ships, which include some of the biggest square riggers in the world. Lord Nelson is in class A so she is racing with these spectacular barques, brigs and fully rigged ships.

Lord Nelson is taking part in:

Race 1 - Aalborg in Denmark - Fredrikstad, Norway

Cruise in Company - Fredrikstad - Bergen

Race 1 - Across the Skagerrak

This voyage is perfect for those looking for a combination of exhilarating sailing in close company of other majestic tall ships, port festivities and crew parties to celebrate the 62nd Tall Ships Regatta. Suitable for all abilities, beginners and experienced sailors alike, the mixed ability crew will learn to handle the sails, steer the ship, brace the yards and climb the rigging.

Race across the Skagerrak from Denmark to Norway during race one of the event, an exciting and unforgettable sailing experience with the use of waypoints which will create an even more exhilarating course to sail and mean that vessels will often be in sight of each other, a great opportunity to catch some amazing photographs of tall ships sailing together. 

Lord Nelson racing at a tall ships event. Photo tallshipstock
Lord Nelson racing at a tall ships event. Photo tallshipstock

Cruise Southern Norway to Western Fjords

Open to all abilities and those of all sailing experience, join Lord Nelson as you cruise in company of dozens of beautiful and majestic tall ships as you set sail for the second leg of the Tall Ships Race 2019. Sail through the magnificent archipelago in the Outer Oslo Fjord surrounded by wonderful vessels and learn all about sailing a tall ship. This voyage is perfect for those who love the tall ships event, but don't want the intensity of a race. 

The Tall Ships all take a break from racing, as they cruise in company to Bergen. If you would like to be part of the excitement, but cannot join one of the race legs, why not join Lord Nelson as she cruises from Fredrikstad to Bergen, two cultural and spectacular cities in Norway.

The host ports will make sure that whilst you are alongside, there is plenty to see and do, and there will be some great photo opportunities to be had, as everyone is a bit more relaxed when they are not racing. You will still be asked to join in as crew, and hoist the sails, helm the ship and take watch on board this purpose built sail training vessel.

When you join Lord Nelson, the first evening will be spent in port at Fredrikstad where a spectacular fireworks display will take place. The following day the tall ships will embark on their Parade of Sail. The scenery along this coastline is stunning, you will arrive in Bergen after 7 days of fantastic cruising. This fantastic city is at the heart of Norway's fjords and makes Bergen one of the most popular places in Scandinavia. 

The last two nights will be spend in Bergen, soaking up the atmosphere of the event and crew parties to keep you busy!

Lysefjord near Stavanger in Norway
Lysefjord near Stavanger in Norway

Freedom to Anchor

The enjoyable part of a Cruise in Company is that the ship can stop and anchor in beautiful spots, rather than race past them. It is great to be able to escape the razza-m-tazz of a tall ship host port and seek out more remote scenery, a nature reserve on an island.


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