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Maybe - Irish Programme - Northern Ireland and Eire

sunny decks and a good breeze on Ketch Maybe

Gaff cutter Maybe is equally at home cruising coastlines or crossing oceans. The Irish Sea is a familiar sailing ground for her crew, and now she over winters in Portugal, Cork in Southern Ireland is her favourite stepping stone between Northern Europe and warmer climes.  Dublin is somewhere in the middle and a great waterfront city to join or leave from.

Belfast - Affordable Sailing Tasters for all Ages

Join Maybe in Belfast and explore the Irish Sea on a decent sized ketch. Isle of Man, Strangford Lough or perhaps across the George Channel to Portpatrick on the Mull of Kintyre. 

foredeck work on Maybe

Celtic Wanderings - Cross the Border(s)

Maybe has a spring voyage from Cork to Dublin and another sailing on from Dublin to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Howrh, Strangford Lough, Bangor or even across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man, the wild Welsh Coast for Anglesey anchorages or Llyn Peninsula beaches.

leave nothing in your wake but footprints and....
leave nothing in your wake but footprints and....

Cork for Sweet Homecomings and Departures

Maybe has some quite challenging voyages that start or finish in Cork. Early season she has a mini ocean crossing of Biscay from A Coruna in Northern Spain. If you are looking for a brave sailing challenge, with a welcoming Irish Port at the end as your reward, then this could be one of your early goals for the year. Gaff ketch Maybe is a veteran of rough sea and ocean crossings and run by an experienced sail training operator.Continuous sailing for upto 9 days so anyone applying should be confident they can cope with ocean sailing and have the stamina to take part in watches and no medical/health problems. 

Sail Maybe from the fireworks and grand finale of the summer tall ships race in Dunkirk all the way to Cork in Southern Ireland. A great passage making voyage possibly via Brittany, West Country or the Isles of Scilly.

At the end of the season there will be a long voyage to Portugal from Cork. 

sail an ocean going gaff ketch

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