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Mid-summer Madness- The Summer solstice and fleet roundup

Pilot Cutter racing in Falmouth this year

The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice or longest day in the Northern hemisphere is usually seen to be on the 21st June. This is where the earth's axial tilt is at its greatest incline and we will therefore experience the greatest amount of sunlight. In the Northern Hemisphere it also means that countries such as Norway can experience up to 24 hours of sunlight. This is repeated in the Southern Hemisphere on the 23rd December. 

A perfect time for wildlife spotting from the deck of a boat
A perfect time for wildlife spotting from the deck of a boat

Northern Hemisphere Sailing Season

It's fair to say that the Northern hemisphere sailing season is in full swing with many of our boats enjoying busy summer schedules.

Some of the fleet are exploring the spectacular polar regions of Iceland, Spitsbergen and Greenland and the photos that we are receiving back from them are amazing. 


Tecla has spent a couple of weeks in Scotland early in the season sailing out to St Kilda had some brilliant feedback about her 30 day voyage from Ullapool to Reykjavik, which took them via some amazing remote islands along the way including Shetland, Fair Isle and the Faroes. 

Tecla in the Faroes, Photo by Debbie Purser
Tecla in the Faroes,, Photo by Debbie Purser

This was a great voyage.  A great mix of sailing in Scottish waters, some super hikes and an opportunity to see some of the immensely important historical sites in the Orkneys and Sheltand's.  Mooring alongside in Fair Isle was a great privilege.  The ocean passage to the Faroes was quiet but as a result we were blessed with clear skies whilst slinking in and out of the islands and some of the best coastal views one could hope to see anywhere.  The ocean passage to Iceland was a bit of a bimble until we were 60 miles off and then it got exciting.  Thanks to a great skipper and permanent crew we snuggled into a fjord whilst the cruise ship ran aground in Reykjavik harbour.  A good holiday, an adventure and fun. K Barker, Tecla Ullapool to Reykjavik, May 2018


Tecla is now exploring Iceland before heading over the Greenland for 3 weeks of exploration. If you are inspired to join Tecla on her Polar adventures but cannot do it this year then the first part of her 2019 schedule has been launched on our website

Blue Clipper,

Blue Clipper and her adventurous crew are constantly updating us with their fantastic voyages. They have explored Scotland and Iceland and other islands along the way. For the first season heading North they are constantly striving to look for the best adventures and build upon their skippers already extensive experience in the region. They are now in Svalbard exploring this amazing and remote environment. 

Ships Log 15-06-18
Blog from their lovely hospitality manager
'We woke up after our first night alongside in Longyearbyen to bright sunshine across the Fjord. The pontoon is full of boats from all over Scandinavia but we are the only British boat at the moment. It’s relatively warm today for Arctic standards! After a yummy egg and toast breakfast, a group of us set out for a morning of dog sledding.'

Blue Clippers crew in Iceland in a Hot tub
Blue Clippers crew in Iceland in a Hot tub


Up on the west coast of Scotland there has been several weeks of absolutely stunning weather which then was interrupted by Storm Hector last week. However its allowed the boats to do some great exploring 


Irene has enjoyed some great voyages  with new Sail, paddle and walk voyage being particularly popular and will therefore be being included in their schedule for next year. Julie H was on one of these voyages and sent us this great feedback.  

What was the best bit? Hannah, the skipper, was a tribute to the world of sailing. She is clearly very competent and knowledgeable and instilled confidence whilst maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I therefore felt very safe and was able to relax and enjoy my first adventure at sea. I very much enjoyed the kayaking and Mike was also very knowledgeable and accommodating. Lotte, the chef, was first class
Why do you sail? Never sailed before so the mix of walk, kayak and sail was very attractive

Irene enjoying the West coast of Scotland
Irene enjoying the West coast of Scotland

Eda Frandsen,

has been running her highly popular schedule with Big James and Gabe sharing the skippering ably backed up by little James as the mate and Chloe is as ever in charge of her Galley and producing her wonderful home cooked fare. This review from our facebook page sings their praises. 

My wife and I have just enjoyed a fantastic 9 days on Eda Frandsen in the Hebrides with untypical Scottish weather; plenty of sun and very little wind! Okay, so we motored as much as sailed but the crew more than made up for any shortcomings in the weather with the variety of islands, caves, wildlife and Chloe's delicious food. Little James' Big, Big Bingo Game was a great success although even now, I am still looking for my last 2 squares  :-( …We missed Storm Hector the following week and I was glad to hear that Hector didn't cause any problems; if anything, it sounds like you enjoyed playing with it….A beautiful boat with a great crew. Fantastic memories of a brilliant holiday. Extract from a Facebook review thanks to Terry Cook

A fantastic summer being had by all on Eda Frandsen
A fantastic summer being had by all on Eda Frandsen

South West Sailing

Its fair to say that summer in the South West is in full swing with the Pilot Cutter review being a great success last month and the Falmouth Classics regatta running over this weekend and Mousehole Sea, salt and sails next month there are plenty of events to keep us all entertained.  All of the boats are also making their annual multiple voyages over to the Scillies which as ever have proved popular. 


with Luke fully involved in the build of the Pellew and making the guest appearances when asked to skipper Agnes, Jo is running her with a selection of skippers, including Melissa from the Classic Sailing office. Whoever the crew is onboard the high standards that have been set on Agnes by Luke and Jo are being upheld as shown by the feedback about one of her recent Scillies trips.

This was one of the best experiences I have had. The exhilaration of moving under sail power. Such a majestic boat, the privilege of entering and leaving port under sail is immense. The crew, Jelta and Nilla were magnificent, very calm and truly professional. Food and company top class. Lunch on deck 26 degrees of heel, sun on your back, amazing ! Thanks Bart M for a fantastic review on Agnes to the Isles of Scilly this year in May 2018!

Agnes has still got two berth available to go to the Douarnenez festival in late July. 

Agnes at the 2018 Pilot Cutter review, Photo by Melissa Williams
Agnes at the 2018 Pilot Cutter review, Photo by Melissa Williams


Grayhound is enjoying a great start to her season with a great variety of voyages being run with regular cargo voyages across the channel from their home in Douarnenez to various ports along the south coast, including Scillies, Falmouth, Charlestown, Plymouth and Dartmouth. She is also running a series of voyages focused on family groups. Here is a great review form their Douarnenez to Nantes voyage.

Our best bits were: 1. Miriam climbing the mast on her 12th birthday, full of the cake that Freya had baked on board, fresh from blowing out the candles and hearing everyone sing; 2. taking part in exciting and fun sailing - from sweating and tailing sheets, to navigation and helming; 3. rowing ashore to explore a variety of otherwise hard-to-reach islands. Penfret super for wildlife and beaches. Houat particularly good for the museum, village and the seafood creperie (didn't have chance to try all the other restaurants!). Not to mention a unique history, genuine "green" cargo and being the most beautiful boat in the sea! B. Sellick- Grayhound- 27th May 2018

Grayhound enjoying a great sail
Grayhound enjoying a great sail

Tall Ships Races

With the summer progressing as it is there are also a series of Tall ships races that are being run across Europe and we wanted to share this great review we received from Jess C who sailed on Morgenster as part of the crew on the Three festival tall ships race from Liverpool to Dublin.

We have never sailed before, but were up for a challenge so my partner and I booked leg one of the Three Festivals Tall Ship race aboard Morgenster, and what a week we had! The Classic sailing team answered all of our (very numerous) questions, and we got to meet up with the lovely Becky at the CS stall in Liverpool.

Morgenster and her crew were were amazing. What a ship! Captain Jakob and his crew of very friendly, professional and experienced multinational sailors were brilliant - they made us feel at home and made sure we all got stuck in, no matter our ability or confidence level - by mid week we were all one big happy competent(ish!) crew  :) The food aboard the ship was amazing, all prepared in the tiny galley by the wonderful Isabel. After meals we all got stuck in to ship chores during "Happy Hour" - from cleaning the galley to swabbing the decks - it was a lot of fun!

Going into the race, we weren't really fussed about winning, we were just happy to be enjoying the experience - that is until we WON the race for the Class A category! We were so proud to collect the winners trophy during the awards, followed by the crew party which was an absolute blast! Despite everyone feeling a little worse for wear the next day, Jonathan (staff crew) managed to cook celebratory pancakes for breakfast, before we left the ship to travel home.
The whole experience, from booking, to the festivals, to the ship and the crew - was something that will stay with me forever, we've made some great friends, learned so much and really built our confidence - there is nothing like sitting out on the bowsprit of a tall ship - it's indescribable. And the buzz on the ship when the captain announced "all hand on deck!" when we were about to tack or jibe - you really felt like you were part of something amazing.

We were only on the Irish sea, but saw dolphins, puffins and even a basking shark. And spotting our fellow tall ship competitors on the horizon was so exciting!
We can't wait for our next voyage!! - If you're reading this while trying to decide if a tall ship voyage is for you, Go for it! You WILL LOVE IT!

Photo by Jess C at the Liverpool to Dublin tall ships race
Photo by Jess C at the Liverpool to Dublin tall ships race

Feel inspired to get involved then have a look at our inspiration pages or get in touch and we would be happy to offer advice and guidance of the best voyage for you. 01872 580022 

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