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Morgenster - Canaries Season 2019-20 for winter sun, exploring ashore and blue water sailing

Morgenster blasting along the Canaries winter sunshine. Photo guest Carol Viggars

Morgenster New Winter Programme in the Canaries Announced

Morgenster has 6 six day voyages based in the Western Canaries from Dec 2019 to Feb 2020. These are adventure holidays living on an impressive tall ship as participating guest crew. You don't have to cook. There is a bar. You  might have to stand a watch on day or night sailing but its pleasant temperatures and easy to get a sun tan. They start and finish on Tenerife where there are plenty of discount flights from many parts of Northern Europe as the Canaries is one of the top winter escapes for the sun starved nations.

Canaries based voyages on Morgenster


Morgenster cruising the Canaries coastline. Photo Virginia Spencer
Morgenster cruising the Canaries coastline. Photo Virginia Spencer

Why Chose Morgenster for your Canaries Winter Sun Break?

Morgenster means morning star and the Canaries is a perfect place to see a morning star rising, and plenty of evening ones too as the skies are crystal clear. This is why half the scientific telescopes of the world are based on these islands as there is very little light or air pollution in the Canaries.

If you have not sailed Morgenster yet,we can heartily recommend her. She has based herself in the Canaries before for the winter months so she knows the best places to go and how to plan a good circuit of islands to maximise good sailing and shorebased exploration.

We think she is the perfect sized tall ship for a Canaries  holiday where you are effectively dipping into a sailing playground that is close to land but often feels like ocean sailing. There will be a maximum of 24 guest crew on board so she is a nice size for sociable evenings if you are a solo traveller. Her crew love live music, and they now have a small piano keyboard as well as guitars on board. Party Party is Captain Harry's favourite phrase...but it is a nice, chilled sort of gathering at the end of a day in the fresh air.  English is the working language but not the only language in use as Morgenster sails with many nationalities amongst both crew and guests.

Healthy active holiday in the Canaries on a tall ship

Will I get much Sailing?

There is a good mix of wind strengths in the Canaries. There are well known acceleration zones where the wind rushes down the volcanic slopes and creates a warm equivalent of a katabatic wind - just for the thrill seekers. Sometimes the NE trades reach up as far North as the Canaries, otherwise it can be pretty light with zones of flat water in the lee of giant cliffs and some of the highest mountains in 'Europe'. Mount Teide is so high it often get snow whilst we are in shirt sleeves at sea level.

She has the same number of square sails on two masts as a barque with 3 masts so you get plenty of sailing for your money....and she has light wind stun'sails. Owned and run by Harry and Marianne Mutter who are legends in the Dutch traditional sailing world and very good company, and with their other Captain Jacob who has enough fans -young and old - to be voted Best Sail Trainer of the year in 2018

Morgenster is a brig and has plenty of sails to learn
Morgenster is a brig and has plenty of sails to learn

Which Islands Might We Visit?

As sailors we look at maps differently and look at the sea between the islands. We can point out that there are seamounts and deep trenches, upwellings of plankton and sea life to observe, breeding pilot whales, dolphins and few places to anchor becuase of the depths and nature reserves. The sailors view you gain is a different perspective than the tourist sees. Lava flows, basaltic columns, red cliffs, Mount Teide at sunset.

But if you really want to know about the land, check out our web pages on the Canary Islands. It is likely Morgenster will stop in La Gomera which has some great hiking trails, and even hiring a car to test out the hairpin bends is fun. La Palma, like La Gomera has no international airport so it is a nature lovers paradise. A trip to the Caldera and walking around the old crater rim in the trade wind clouds is other worldly and the pine forests lower down smell wonderful in the warm sun. Tenerife itself has lunar landscapes, villages built into the rock and tourist beaches and resorts which you can easily avoid. El Heirro is a possibility although the harbour is very small and there are a few underwater active volcanoes nearby which sometimes make areas off limits to vessels.

The crew will have ideas ashore you can take up but its not compulsory. Some islands have buses, others are quite easy for a group to hire a car so bring licence if you think you might be prepared to drive. Planned Excursions would be the chip into the costs type arrangement.

More on the Canaries and its Wildlife & Cetacean Spotting


Ocean Voyages on Morgenster this Winter

After the Canaries Morgenster is off to Madeira and then Cadiz and into the Mediterranean for a private charter. If you want to do more blue water sailing than island exploring you can join her for her mini ocean passages.

Morgenster - Winter Ocean Passages 2019-20

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