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Oosterschelde - Tall Ships Race Programme 2019

Race Oosterschelde in Norway

Oosterschelde never likes to miss a tall ships race, especially when there is a chance to sail with the biggest Polish, Russian and Norwegian square riggers. In 2019 she is taking part in Race Leg 1 from Denmark to Southern Norway and the more relaxed cruise in company up the fjord coast to a big tall ships festival in Bergen.

If you have always wanted to experience the thrill of racing a big schooner through the day and night then why not sign on as crew. You don't have to pass a selection weekend but you do need to be a fully participating crew member  - whether you are 70 or 17.

She is then dipping out of the race 2 back towards Aarhus, to sail North up the Norwegian coast all the way to Bodo in the Arctic Circle. She then has two voyages exploring the Lofoten Isles before heading all the way South to Bergen again. 

Arctic Norway Summer Sailing Expeditions 2019 


block and tackle sailing needs team work, especially racing
block and tackle sailing needs team work, especially racing. Photo Arthur Smeets

Book Early for International Tall Ships Race 2019

Oosterschelde is racing in leg 1 of the International Tall Ships Race from Denmark to Fredrikstad in Norway which lies just outside Oslo Fjord. During the summer tall ships race half the crew have to be under 25 to keep with the spirit of youth friendship between nations. This means the rest of the crew can be older! If you are fast and keen enough to catch a berth - you are probably just what the ship is looking for. Adult crew berths fill up very quickly and last year there were none left after Christmas.

Adult and Youth Race Berths

Oosterschelde is a powerful schooner with big gaff sails, topsails and runner backstays so it requires teamwork and a certain amount of pace to get the deck ready for a tack or gybe. If you are 16-25 years this could be your big summer adventure, as there are still places. It is a great spectacle, a physical challenge and a cool way to meet Dutch, Russian, French, Scandinavian and all nationalities of young sailors, party hard and sail fast and learn about their hopes and dreams for the future.

Equally she has a sophistication that appeals to older crew too. If you can keep the pace during the racing then there is a bar, piano and leather sofas below to chill out.

With the Tall Ships Fleet in the Norwegian Fjords

You can still enjoy the Tall Ships summer spectacle by joining Oosterschelde's voyage from Fredrikstad to Bergen. This is called a 'cruise in company' although you don't always sail in company of other tall ships, but you quite often bump into them. It is part of the event and the whole fleet works its way up the coast to the next tall ships big festival port in Bergen. The great advantage of it not being a race is you can stop on route and explore Norway properly by walking in mountain scenery, island hop, swim or BBQ ashore. Certain ports and even small villages along the coast agree to welcome any visiting  tall ship as part of Norway's hospitality, but you can also do your own thing to and seek out that perfect anchorage to yourself. This route takes you around the white towns of Norway's Southern Shores to Stavanger and hiking challenges like Lysefjord where you can climb to the top of the towering Pulpit rock, or sailing underneath it is pretty cool.

Lysefjord in Norway looking moody
Lysefjord in Norway looking moody


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