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Outdoor Girl - Kit List

will your kit fit in a tent

Revised 26-08-20

Packing your gear for a self sufficient sailing expedition in an open boat is a skill in itself.
At least you don't have to worry about the food provisions, water, cooking and camping equipment, as Outdoor Girl's skipper will supply and pack that for you on the 2 and 3 day taster voyages.

Fast drying clothing is helpful, but the main trick is to stay dry and always have spare dry clothing kept dry.

Lightweight packing is not as important as it would be if you were back packing, but we still have to keep the overall boat load light, and have room to stow everything securely on a 17ft x 6ft boat.

We also need enough floor space to be able to move around the boat and sail and row Outdoor Girl, access anchors and safety kit etc.

Classic Sailing can look after any spare kit or valuables ashore if you come by public transport.

The tents each have a fixed torch for interior lighting
Mountaineering quality Insulated inflatable mattresses
a yoga mat each - for yoga / sitting down ashore / extra insulation/padding
All food and cooking equipment, BBQ charcoal and wood

We tow a stand up paddleboard you can try. (If you dont have a wesuit for bouyancy thn we can supply a small or large bouyancy jacket.)


  • a good sleeping bag - appropriate for the season you are sailing in (or we can hire one if you pre book it)
  • waterproof bag for your clothes and sleeping bag. These will be stowed above the floorboards so may get wet from spray /rain and we have to carry them to the shore. Rucksacks with rain covers are ok.
  • A torch
  • Waterbottle (the boat has plenty of fresh water to top your bottle up)
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • suitable footwear to wade ashore (can be rocky so bare feet not always ok)
  • 2nd pair of footwear to keep dry
  •  Covid type face mask (wearing it is not compulsory) and personal hand gel

The kit bags will be stowed against the sides of the boat or under the thwart seats. Please try and keep bag sizes small, so we have room to move about whilst sailing. Our tents and spare fresh water are stored under the floorboards to lower the centre of gravity.

When we stop for the night these will be unloaded and you can either store them in the outside foyer of the tent (Quasar tents have an entrance either end with foyer tent under the flysheet) Or bring your kit bags into the inner tent if totally dry. 

The inner tents have ample headroom when you are seated, waterproof built in groundsheet and a zipped door or zipped mesh insect screen so you can enjoy the view.

There are no waterproof lockers on board, but you are welcome to bring a SMALL extra bag for things you might need during the day like cameras, money, extra layers. Please make sure anything valuable is well waterproofed.


  • sleeping bag
  • Sailing Clothing
  • Waterproof Jacket & Trousers (salopette trousers best as it keeps your lower back warm.) If you are a dinghy sailor with a dry suit or similar then that would be great instead.
  • personal waterbottle ( we carry approx 3 litres per person per day in bottles if you need to top up)
  • Sun hat / warm hat x2/buff or scarf x2
  • In autumn or spring you might need gloves, or gloves for rowing
  • suncream and good sunglasses
  • Wellie boots or sailing boots - for getting ashore with dry feet or if sailing in rain. Neoprene dinghy boots are ok but not as warm if you are in them all day.
  • another pair of sailing shoes to use in dry weather or ashore.
  • pack a set of clothing for each sailing day (if you get wet one day, there is not much time to dry salty clothing)
  • keep a set of warm clothes for the evenings outdoors. We try and light a campfire but we can't do this everywhere. Once the sun goes down it is pretty chilly. Down jackets or wool jumpers and windproof layers are good if you want to stay up for a bit after dark. 
  • Swim wear and towel. If you bring a wet suit Debbie will make sure you get it wet. Travel towels are less bulky.
  • Wash gear
  • Now is the time to use that eco shampoo bar that you were bought for Christmas. Try and bring environmentally friendly products as your bathroom is some sea creatures home. Always fresh water on board for teeth cleaning.
  • Debbie has sailed this area for 20 years - there are showers in surprising places....but they are a bonus. 
  • Ladies, please pack sanitary bags if needed. We must leave no trace camping....but dont be shy to ask if shore facilities needed any time during the trip.

Other Activities

SUP - on request we can bring a stand up paddle board to try.
alcohol - you are welcome to bring some for evening ashore for responsible drinking. (none whilst sailing please)
fishing lines or collapsible rod.

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