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Agnes - Reviews

Happy crew on an early season voyage on Agnes

Why I enjoyed it.

A whole new experience for me. Found the Skipper, Brendan’s passion for traditional sailing absolutely contagious. Honor, the ‘co pilot’, also had an amazing knowledge of traditional sailing coupled with being a creative cook who was continually dishing up tasty and wholesome food.

Worst bits - A few bumpy seas for a beginner but soon got into it.

Why did I sail?

Never have before and wanted my first experience to be on a beautiful traditional sail boat. I wasn’t disappointed.


Brendan and Honor were so supportive and knowledgeable. Their professional attitude gave someone like me great confidence that I was totally in safe hands. Thank you for a eye opening experience!

Carolyn P June 2019

Dolphins beside Agnes - June 2019 - Barney S.

I liked 'Making it to the Scillies'

I sail because - It puts you in places where few people reach - either out at sea, or visiting remote coastlines and islands. 

Summary - If you can, please pass on my thanks for Brendan and Melissa for running a superb trip, and taking good care of me as I recovering from a broken foot, and wasn't quite as active as I should have been. (and yes, I shouldn't have walked round St Martins in my sea boots....!)

Barney S June 2019. (Brendan and Melissa duly thanked.)


Enjoy the most

There was lots that was good. Sailing, Claudia's art instruction, racing with the working boats around Mousehole, the Sea Salts and Sail Festival. I couldn't possibly choose a "best bit".

Worst Bit

Nothing at all about the voyage.
The rail journey down was a disaster.

Why do you sail?

I enjoy just about all aspects of sailing other than that occasional struggle to windward in a chop that one sometimes has to do. I unwind quicker sailing than with just about anything else.

Voyage Summary

Joanna Powell was absolutely brilliant as skipper, cook, host, friend and more. Claudia Myatt was a great inspiration with art, giving many great tips and ideas that suited us all very well. Full marks all round!

Gordon S on Agnes July 2018

Agnes - Sailing in Cornwall


What was the best bit?

Authentic experience of sailing on this remarkable boat and seeing the other Pilot Cutters racing in such lovely surroundings, quite magical! It was a very pleasurable sailing with this group and we were looked after with incredible care, fantastic catering, hosts Luke and Joanna made a very entertaining duo in the racing, I was delighted to be part of it!

What was the worst bit?

Getting to Falmouth from Holland, with a bike, 5 busses, two planes a train and very long walk!

Why do you sail?

I've just turned 50 so I was looking for an excuse not to have a party, so I had a holiday, was a good choice now looking forward to my 51st!!

Any other comments

I was quite amazed at the investment and quality of the work that went in to building these craft, It is fantastic in this world of light weight cheap materials and very expensive stuff that would break with in a few years to see a craft built at great cost from good materials that is working for a living, although I doubt whether the money is the driving force! It is great that there is a revival in appreciation of a very much more romantic time of sea craft!" - Thank you Ben D. We quite agree! (Pilot Cutter Review 2018) 

Agnes at the Pilot Cutter Review - Guest Feedback Photo - Ben. D.
Agnes at the Pilot Cutter Review - Guest Feedback Photo - Ben. D.


What was the best bit?

This was one of the best experiences I have had. The exhilaration of moving under sail power. Such a majestic boat, the privilege of entering and leaving port under sail is immense. The crew, Jelta and Nilla were magnificent, very calm and truly professional. Food and company top class. Lunch on deck 26 degrees of heel, sun on your back, amazing !

What was the worst bit?

Having to go back ashore !

Why do you sail? 

I read an article in a Sunday newspaper on classic boats and was intrigued. I was not disappointed

Any other comments

I intend to repeat the experience .
The trip surpassed all my expectations.
The crew were totally committed to classic boats and a very sound knowledge of Agnes we all had complete confidence in them. They made the whole trip."

Thanks Bart M for a fantastic review on Agnes to the Isles of Scilly this year in May 2018!


Best Bits! - "Sailing across to and back from gull rock with the deck at a tilt - felt like proper sailing." 

Why do you sail? "I do not sail much, it is an occasional treat, but I love the sea (do a lot of sea kayaking) and I love the history of the old style wooden sailing ships."

Any other comments? "Food was amazing over the whole weekend. Was lovely to see the small Cornish villages as well, especially as it felt quite quiet that weekend, no madding crowds. And crew were great, very nice people." - Anon April Voyage 2018


"Hard to say what was best. The boat was beautiful and comfortable. The Cornish coast was stunning. The food was plentiful and excellent. Luke and Joanna could not have been more friendly, helpful or knowledgeable - or hard working. A very different style of sailing to that which I have been used to - it adds a new dimension." David 

"Luke and Jo were fabulous hosts and excellent skippers.Very Enjoyable all round." Brendan, on Agnes 

"A rare privillege to be able to share a few days another time and world in which I felt totally at ease and safe in the care of Luke, Jo and the lovely Agnes." Best bits? "Sharing the boaty converation with skipper and crew and having the opportunity to sail a boat similar to those of my Bristol Channel Pilot ancestors." Pre voyage arrangements 5 star. Good mix of sailing and ashore. Felt safe all the time." Alison, on Agnes 

 "enjoyed every minute of it, especially when at the tiller. Worst bit ? "There was nothing I didnt enjoy". Summing up the voyage - "Brilliant experience" 5 stars for welcome arrival, accommodation on board, safety briefing, safety, sailing, personal attention, skipper and food. Sandra, on Agnes

"A special sailing experience. Delighted to have the opportunity to sail with Luke and hear all about his boat building/ sailing history. Added bonus of sailing to the Scillies and if the weather had been ok we would have fitted in a trip to Ireland as well." 5 stars for Classic Sailing website, pre voyage arrangements, arrival welcome, the sailing, the mix of sailing and ashore, accomodation, safety briefing, sailing, personal attention, skipper and paid crew food. Delia, on Agnes

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