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Provident Sailing Programme - France, Channel Isles and Paimpol 2019


Paimpol Festival 2019

Attend the Paimpol Chant Du Marin musical festival aboard a beautiful and well renowned Brixham trawler Provident. This biannual festival  draws traditional music from around the world,  while celebrating sailors and the sea. After three days immersed within the festival experience enjoy an extended period of time exploring the Brittany coast and the channel islands before heading home across the channel. Upwards of 200 wooden boats crowd into the tiny lock and you can walk from one side to the other across the decks.  The sail to Paimpol skirts along the Granite Rose Coast with places like Brehat or Lezardrieux on the way.


Sail to Paimpol Festival on Provident 


Brittany and the Channel Isles

Boasting more than 2700 kilometres of coastline, Brittany definitely deserves its reputation as a sailor's delight.  The great diversity of landscapes and locations ensures this cruising ground offers visitors so much to see and do.

From her home port of Brixham, Provident is well placed to make the hop across the channel before working her way down the Brittany coastline visiting both well-known destinations and some of the more hidden gems our skippers have got to know over the years.


Granite Rose Coast & Channel Isles

Provident is a powerful Brixham Sailing Trawler but slighter narrower in the beam than Leader and Pilgrim so she can make for a fast and comfortable Channel crossing in a Westerly or South Westerly.

She has been visiting the Channel Isles and North of France for years to places as varied as Tregieur, Sark or the Isle de Brehat, but every skipper has their  favourites.

Minquiers reef in Gulf of St Malo
Minquiers reef in Gulf of St Malo

Extended French Trips Around The Corner

Provident is doing more 6 day French trips than before and some longer voyages in the summer. A 9 day voyage allows you the chance to head down Channel to L'Aberwrach and around the corner of French to a totally different playground of fast tides, offshore islands and a mainland of sandy beaches and headlands. 

From the secluded peaceful anchorage of Port Manec’h to the bustling town of Douarnenez, there is something for everyone on these extended Brittany cruises.

This stretch of coastline has a number of islands and islets including: Ushanta rugged island which marks the north-westernmost point of European France, the Ile de Sein with its dangerous reefs and numerous lighthouses and beacons and in the south, the Ile de Groix with sandy beaches and secluded bays. These islands are home to a wide variety of sea birds and marine mammals.

Highlights of the area include Camaret, located on the Crozon peninsula, a charming village with lots of cafes and restaurants. This peninsula looks like a granite anchor thrust into the sea and the peninsula offers a beautiful variety of sights with rugged granite outcrops on its southern shores and lush greenery in the north.

Rich Maritime Heritage - The French Love Historic Wooden Vessels

This region has a rich maritime heritage. Every port seems to have its own replica sailing ships so the are often other traditional vessel to play with out on the water. If you are living on a wooden sailing ship, then the French are often interested in talking to you on the quayside so its a great way to get to know the locals.

Provident also has an extended French voyage where she is sailing in company with her sister ship Leader, so this will be great for photographs of one ship from another.

Provident crew enjoying a BBQ
Provident crew enjoying a BBQ



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