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Agnes at Brest International Festival of the Sea 2020 and Douarnenez Festival 2020

Agnes in the tall ship fleets at Brest Festival of the Sea

Take this French Festival by Storm - Agnes & Pellew

It's the big one again - Brest International Festival of the Sea combined with Douarnenez Wooden Boat Festival are the place to be in Summer 2020. This 14 day voyage on Agnes is a summer traditional sailing expedition of a lifetime and the 6 places will go like hotcakes.

Brest Festival 2020 starts on the 10th July until 16th July with the event of Festival Temps Fete 2020 in Dournenez 15th July. 

Pilot Cutter Agnes always cuts a dash at these French Festivals where creating a moving spectacle in port and getting out on the water is all part of the event. There will be double reason to feel proud of Cornish Boat building in July 2020 as the builder of Agnes Luke Powell will also have his latest pilot cutter - the impressive 68ft Pellew appearing at the two French Festivals for the first time.

You can be out there as Agnes crew with several thousand boats from around the world - ranging from tall ships to open keel boats or outrigger canoes - manouvering out of Brest harbour to sail in the sheltered inland sea, or reaching across 6 miles of Douarnenez Bay with some of the most beautiful traditional craft.

This is the only voyage across the Channel to France for Agnes in 2020. She has her normal Scillies programme in 2020 and short breaks in Cornwall, but she also off on her holidays to South Western Ireland if you fancy joining her (Voyages from Baltimore, West Cork)

Agnes Scillies Voyages 2020    Agnes in SW Ireland 2020


Agnes crew working hard to look good at French Festivals
Agnes crew working hard to look good at French Festivals


Parade of Sail between Brest and Douarnenez 2020

The Parade of Sail between the two ports will be one of the most memorable sights of your life, but this 2 week voyage also has 200 miles of offshore sailing, plus coastal passages with fast tides, lighthouses and Atlantic wildlife.

Anyone wanting to meet the rest of our worldwide tribe of traditional sailing enthusiasts and wants to be part of probably the biggest gathering of wooden boats on the planet. The beauty of these festivals is the route across the Western Approaches and down through the Chanel du Four tidal race is close to the Atlantic and full of wild beauty. The festivals both have good opportunities to go out sailing each day with a colourful fleet. . This voyage has something for everyone - sailors, artists, photographers, wooden boat fans.....and Agnes is always sailed boldly so the French love her.

French bisquines at Brest Festival of the Sea. Photo Debbie Purser
French bisquines at Brest Festival of the Sea. Photo Debbie Purser

Holiday highlights - too many to mention

  • Plenty of sailing - even at the festivals
  • Sailing ships and small boats creating a scene
  • Parade of Sail from Brest to Douarnenez
  • Participate in Brest Festival of the Sea 2020
  • Douarnenez Festival 2020 - also an epic event
  • Romps about the Bay in DZ and the Rade De Brest

Time to Relax too

Many people envisage that festivals are all action, fireworks and party sounds. Yes there is a fair bit of that but there are also time for crews to relax too. The festival waterfront sites don't open to the public until mid morning so time for a wander to buy fresh croissants, meet new friends or wander the stalls and interesting boats with empty quaysides.  The smaller boats are free from the public ship visits so rafted up in the sun or shade you just enjoy the atmosphere without being in the thick of it.

Brest has an inland sea with several deep winding rivers if you want a bit of tranquility one evening and DZ has a wide bay that can accommodate everything from tall ships to small wooden dinghies in the afternoon sea breezes

Seeking Tranquillity up the L'Alune River during Brest Festival 2016
Seeking Tranquillity up the L'Alune River during Brest Festival 2016

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