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Sail Between Continents - Valparaiso to Australia - Cross the Whole Pacific

europa by brett yates

'A Long Read' for a long voyage by Debbie Purser

Introducing the 5 leg Pacific Crossing - A travel Goal too far, or Journey we must make?

Valparaiso - Brisbane on Bark Europa: 18th April - 27th July 2020.

Have you spotted  this one? A once in a lifetime chance to cross the widest ocean on the planet. The Pacific is over 12 800 nautical miles from Valparaiso to Australia, but what a route. Bark Europa likes to sail, so they have picked a route that is mostly in the SE trade wind belt. 

Cross the Pacific Under Sail - 98 Days

Wind Power & Carbon Footprint

If you must travel the world, try and do as much as you can under sail......but what about getting to the ship?

If you think it is wrong to fly at all, then at Classic Sailing we salute you and respect that choice. Classic Sailing is a Cornwall based company that has promoted sailing holidays on our doorstep and all over the world for over 23 years. We have also supported sail cargo initiatives, and many wildlife awareness projects, but we also are fully aware that we are offering some voyages that involve long haul flights, or start on islands where transport choices are limited.

Back in the UK and Europe Classic Sailing is trying to give you as much choice as possible to have adventures closer to home, but we can only grow that side of the business if you the customer, chose to sail more locally and explore small scale....and then tell all your friends how great it was.

The Isles of Scilly is a lot closer to us than Vanuatu
The Isles of Scilly is a lot closer to us than Vanuatu

The Urge to Travel - Sacrifices or Solutions?

Fundamentally we are a travel company run by sailors for sailors and travellers. The urge to explore new horizons runs deep in us. This incredibly tempting Europa Pacific Programme is not helping our resolve to reduce our carbon footprint. Both founding directors have been unable to resist applying. Despite a year not flying, we have both ditched our climate crisis principles in 2020, by going further afield again. This time it is not without significant guilt about our carbon footprint.

How can two obvious hypocrites like us, shape a future company direction that encourages customers to change their behaviour, without stifling their freedom to travel and explore? How can we make it easier for each sailor to travel more responsibly and compensate for their occasional carbon indulgences by putting more back than we take out of the planet?

A climate activist will have a simple answer, but very little chance of stopping human addiction to seeing new places. Classic Sailing will just keep adding building blocks to a future world where we might all be able to travel everywhere in the lowest possible carbon way.

morning ritual - Ton does yoga on Europa Boat Deck
morning ritual - Ton does yoga on Europa Boat Deck

Cross Between Continent Under Sail

This 98 day voyage links South America to Australia – mostly under sail is one such building block. The Ship has the right route to minimise its carbon footprint.

Bark Europa will also be sailing back to South America in the Westerlies with minimal carbon footprint (not ever zero – watermakers, freezers, sewage treatment equipment,  all use diesel). Europa is a good girl that uses the prevailing winds wisely. This 1911 barque is currently sailing from Europe to South America on a classic trade wind route. The ship will ultimately return to Europe via Africa under sail. 

It is us, the crew flying out to join the ship, that prevents the whole concept being a climate friendly thing.

Lets Work on This together

At least this voyage right across the Pacific could form the linch pin of a GAP Year or career break, taking you by sail, part of a round the world route that you were originally planning to fly.

Perhaps the more ingenious of you can weave other forms of green transport into your travels. (Norbert Munch – are you going to Cycle to South America?)

Maybe you live in South America or Australia, or on the numerous Polynesian Islands and it is on your backdoor. 

Tell us your greener transport plans so we can inspire others.

indigenous boat

How wIll the Trans Pacific Voyage Shape Your Future Mindset?

Other reasons why we are profiling this whole Pacific voyage is that it may have a useful and profound effect on your mindset and how you live your life in future:

If you think the world is too crowded this could be the voyage to restore your faith in the power of nature and the elements. There will be many things to learn from the other people on board and the islanders you meet.

The Stone statues of Easter Island stand sentinel to a watery world that will endure. It is the human cultures that will never be the same again as sea level rises. meeting the people most effected by climate change may change your life attitudes for ever.

Easter Island Moai endure
Easter Island Moai endure

More than a tick on a Bucket list

Save €2280 euros (4-5 person cabin en suite) by booking the 5 leg combination voyage, rather than individual legs but think carefully before you book. This is more than a tick on a bucket list. It is not a consulation prize for not getting an Antarctic place. It is an incredible journey.

Valparaiso - 18th April 2020
Easter Island - 9th May 2020
Tahiti – 8th June 2020
Fiji – 4th July 2020
New Caledonia 16th July 2020
Brisbane 27th July 2020
12 800 nautical miles. 98 days on board
4-6 berth cabin (only 5 berths will be used) €7790 euros per person (individual legs total €10 070)
2 berth cabin (no solo occupancy please) per person 10 640 (individual legs total €13 135)

These voyages require active involvement in sailing the ship. Anyone over 65 or with a health condition or medication will need a doctors signature and yours on Europa Health Statement to say you are fit to participate. If you are 70 or over you may need to have sailed on Europa in the last 3 years to book an ocean leg. 

Individual view Posted by Debbie Purser, Director Classic Sailing. 


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