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Oosterschelde Summer 2019

Arctic Circle, the Loften Islands and the 2019 Tall Ships Races

Arctic Circle, the Loften Islands and the 2019 Tall Ships Races

Oosterschelde has an exciting 2019 European programme. You can join her for voyages sailing in the English Channel and across the Arctic Circle in Norway and the Loften Islands. Aged 18 to 70+ and you could participate in the 2019 Tall Ships Races. Solo travellers welcome. Sail for just 5 days to get your first tall ship experience on Oosterschelde.



Oosterschelde, is the only remaining example of a large fleet of schooners that used to sail up to 100 tonnes of cargo around Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean. She has had a rich and interesting history which is recognised in the fact is now a registered “historical national monument” for Dutch Shipbuilding and maritime navigation. She is a living and breathing testament to her history having sailed around the world twice and is currently doing a circuit of North Atlantic. On her return to Europe in mid-June she will continue with running a fun and exciting schedule.

France and 1000 classic sailing craft.

From Oosterschelde’s home port of Rotterdam to the beautiful southern coast of Brittany, this sailing voyage will cross the North Sea, through the Dover Strait and out of the English Channel. Potentially stopping in Northern France, the Channel Islands and little french harbours and ports. You will enter the northern part of the Bay of Biscay and sail into the Gulf of Morbihan to arrive in the cultural city of Vannes where an international french festival is taking place with over 1000 classic boats and tall ships. 

17 to 26 May Rotterdam to Vannes, France €1,035 OS170519

Oosterschelde Summer 2019

Race 1 of the Tall Ships Race 2019 onboard Oosterschelde, race as a member of crew from Aalborg to Fredrikstad

Take part in Race One of the Tall Ships Race 2019 on three masted schooner, Oosterschelde. Dozens of other tall ships will gather for this event racing between Aalborg and Fredrikstad. This voyage will be about 6 days of sailing and 2 or 3 days in port.  


5 to 13 July Aalborg Denmark to Fredrikstad Tall Ships Race 1 €890 OS050719


Tall Ships race 2019 Cruise in the Company of the Tall Ships Fleet on Oosterschelde from Fredrikstad to Bergen

Cruise in Company for Leg Two of the Tall Ships Race 2019 onboard three masted topsail schooner, Oosterschelde amongst the Norwegian Fjords from Fredrikstad to Bergen. Sail with dozens of other tall ships as you explore the fjords in this relaxed cruise along the beautiful coast of Norway. 

13 to 22 July Fredrikstadt to Bergen €945 OS130719


Tall Ships Races 2019


Three Voyages in the Loften Isalnds

Explore the Lofoten Islands and Arctic Norway! Go in search of Whales on Oosterschelde.

Think outside the box for your summer holiday. Tall Ship Oosterschelde is exploring Arctic Norway this summer, and it is a lot more affordable than our voyages in Greenland. Landscape photographers from around the world rave about the distinctive mountain spires of the Lofoten Isles and this is the sailing ground that this big schooner is aiming for. There is also the less well known Vesteralen archipelago to sail through on the way to Tromsø.   Enjoy the beauty, tranquillity, mountain scenery, crystal clear skies and summer days that never seem to end. This voyage is great for wildlife lovers and fishing fans too. These islands extend offshore from Norway and deep underwater trenches create rich fishing grounds for humans and whales alike. Orca live in Lofoten all year round.

23 July to 4 August Bergen to Bodo €1,800 OS230719

5 to 15 August Bodo to Tromso €1,500 OS050819

26 August to 6 September Bodo to Bergen €1650 OS260819


Lofoten Islands

Two 5 Day Voyages

Mile building voyage from Bergen to Hamburg on Topsail schooner Oosterschelde

Sail this impressive topsail schooner, from the fjord coast of Norway to the bustling port of Hamburg. A milebuilder with good stretches of open sea to get into the sailing and watch keeping. Climb aloft if you dare, steer this 300 ton ship with her big wooden wheel and learn as much as you can in this short taster.

7 to 12 September Bergen to Hamburg €550 OS070919


North Sea Adventure; Sail Oosterschelde back home to Rotterdam

If you are already a keen traditional sailing, then this is a good 5 days to try out three masted schooner Oosterschelde. Alternatively, you could view it as an unusual double city break with a 5 day tall ships voyage in the middle.  This voyage starts in Hamburg but the ship does not leave until the next morning so after crew training you could enjoy the city in the evening. The journey down the Elbe will wake you up and give everybody a chance to get their sea legs before you can set more sail and venture into the open sea.  There is a decent bit of sailing down past Heligoland and the Frisian Islands and into Dutch home waters. it is always nice to take a ship into their home port. Rotterdam is a working city with a lot of young people and busy waterfront.


16 to 19 September Hamburg to Rotterdam, €550 OS160919



Read more about Oosterschelde and view the full programme here. 

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