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Tecla - Antarctic & South Georgia Schedule 2020

chinstrap penguins

Tall Ship to Explore Arctic and Antarctic

Not only is Tecla attempting to be the first tall ship to transit the North West passage in the Summer 2019,  she is heading for the Antarctic and South Georgia afterwards. Whether she gets through the notorious ice choked sea route across the top of Canada or not, she will be heading south. If she gets through she will sail the length of the North and South Pacific, stopping in the Galapagos and Easter Island for crew changes. If she can't safely get through the NW passage she will route down the East Coast of the USA and via the Panama Canal to pick up her scheduled voyages from the Galapagos. 

Tecla will be starting her Antarctic season in the New Year 2020 and has some extensive exploring planned around the Falklands, Antarctic Peninsula and a classic Southern Ocean sail to explore South Georgia and onto Cape Town. Tecla crew have worked in Antarctic on other ships so they have been planning these voyages for some years.

Tecla is 127ft (38 metres) long overall so this a more intimate polar experience on a tough, ocean going ship. She only takes 12 guest crew and will be offering two incredible  Antarctic  expeditions in the spirit of the original polar explorers.

Experienced Polar Navigator

Tecla's captain Gijs Sluik has worked several seasons in Antarctica on Europa as the first mate, so he is familiar with many of the shore landings. Gijs, and his sister Jet - the other captain, have sailed Tecla in big seas having taken her from New Zealand right across the South Pacific and around Cape Horn to the Falklands, as well as across the windy part of the Indian Ocean and South of Australia in the winter. He has also spent several years navigating in ice strewn waters in East Greenland with charter crew.


Skipper Gijs and the famous bobble hat
Skipper Gijs and the famous bobble hat

Receive Dates and Prices by E mail 

If you would like to express an interest in Tecla Antarctic voyage follow the link below. This helps us keep you informed when more detail comes in about voyage itineraries and prices. If you have any medical or dietary concerns about your potential application then the best bet is to call us on 0044 (0)1872 580022 before the booking season opens.

Two of us in the Classic Sailing office have sailed several times in Antarctica and South Georgia (Debbie and Adam), as well as sailing around the Falklands. Debbie has worked with Tecla's Captain Gijs in Antarctica and been on month long voyages on Tecla.

27 Day - Falklands -Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

January 2020 (Port Stanley - Punta Arenas)

Tecla crew love the Falklands. They visited after their first rounding of Cape Horn in 2014. The ship will spend a few days exploring the Falklands with its sub antarctic wildlife, white sand beaches, historic ship wrecks, penguin colonies and albatross. This is a great chance to get used to the ship before you cross the Drakes Passage.

From here they head South with the albatrosses in the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties to the Antarctic Peninsula. The rocky spires of the South Shetlands are likely to be your first anchorages with their Gentoo and Chinstrap penguin colonies.

Tecla is sailing in the Arctic and Antarctic in 2019-2020
Tecla is sailing in the Arctic and Antarctic in 2019-2020

Tecla then has good sailing opportunities to cross the Bransfield Strait to the Antarctic mainland and islands. Keep a good look out for icebergs, humpback whales and orca. The Peninsula is an extension of the Andes Mountain chain, but much more snowy with incredible mountains, ice caps and snowy slopes where no humans have stepped. The glaciers and ice walls regularly shed their new icebergs in places like Nekko Harbour. Weather ranges from stable and sunny to sudden katabatic winds. The abundant wildlife is fearless and curious, and even if you try and keep your distance they tend to come right up to you. Have your own 'Frozen Planet' moment.

This is how Classic Sailing think the voyage will look, but it is not an itinerary. The Tecla crew will give it their own slant on their style of Antarctic voyaging shortly.

We believe they will want to visit Elephant Island just before they head back towards Patagonia. Elephant Island was where Shackleton's men waited for rescue. It is notoriously difficult to land on, but it is a polar explorer pilgrimage that is still special, even if all you can do is sail past and pay your respects.

Tecla also hopes the crew can land on Cape Horn on the way back to Punta Arenas. Cape Horn is an island and there are numerous fjords and channels behind this famous rock, including the town of Puerto Williams.


Antarctic mountains on a tall ship expedition


53 day Expedition -  In the Wake of Shackleton

  (Punta Arenas to Cape Town)

Cross the Drakes Passage to South Shetland and the Antarctic Peninsula. Cross over to the wilder side near the Weddell Sea and follow in the footsteps of Shackleton by sailing the 800 miles from Elephant island to the mountain spires of South Georgia. Tecla is far bigger than Shackleton's rescue party in the open life boat James Caird, but small enough for your imagination to understand this brave feat of human effort.

Spend several days exploring South Georgia - one of the most wildlife rich places on the planet. you can hardly get ashore for battling elephant seals, curious fur seal pups, chinstrap, gentoo and king penguins. Wandering albatross, black brows and sooty albatross all nest here plus thousands of prions, petrels and many more.

Ruined whaling stations remind you of the richness of the seas too so look out for whales.

Ocean passage to Tristan Da Cuhna

Another fast roller coaster ocean passage north easterly towards this volcanic British outpost. If the swell is low enough hopefully you can land on this tiny island.

Getting warmer now for an Ocean passage from Tristan da Cuhna to Cape Town. you might even spot another ship!


Debbie up close with king penguins on South Georgia
Debbie up close with king penguins on South Georgia



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