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Classic sailing's Top Ten UK Spring voyages in 2019

top 10 spring sailing voyages in the UK

Classic Sailing's Top Ten Spring UK Voyages in 2019

Its official the days are getting longer! and we have spring bulbs starting to poke their heads up above the ground here in Cornwall.

The permanent crews of the boats are powering their way through their refit lists as there is just a handful of weeks until the start of the UK season.  You can feel the excitement in the air as everyone looks forward to getting back out on the water.

We have some fantastic spring voyages on offer and here is our top ten in UK waters ranging from 1 to 8 nights long, arranged in date order. 

 No experience is necessary, hands on sailing is guaranteed. 

1. Johanna Lucretia

Early season long weekend sailing from Plymouth on Johanna Lucretia

Embark -  12/04/2019 - Plymouth, UK
Disembark - 15/04/2019 - Plymouth, UK

3 Nights -
£ 399 per person

Due to very popular demand Johanna Lucretia has added another early season opportunity to explore the Devon and Cornish coast. This pocket tall ship is a new addition to the fleet. She’s got large well set out decks, perfect for pulling on ropes or finding a comfy place relax. There is also opportunities to climb out on her yard if you want. She is comfortably set out down below with two double cabins and a four person cabins.

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2.    Grayhound

Explore the Devon Coast - A Short Easter Break on Grayhound

Embark - 18/04/2019 - Plymouth
Disembark - 20/04/2019 – Plymouth

2 Nights
£ 300 - over 16
£240 - under 15

A perfect two day taster voyage on the beautiful and unique three masted lugger Grayhound. Let Skipper Marcus show you how to sail this magnificent ship around Plymouth and the surrounding coast. While Freya will cooks up a storm in the galley with delicious, home cooked and locally sourced food. Let them share their passion for their boat and the west country with you! Perfect for families and individuals. Get your early season fix of sailing and be back home in time Easter Sunday.

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3.    Agnes

An Easter Break on a Agnes exploring the Cornish coast

Embark - 19/04/2019 - Falmouth
Disembark - 22/04/2019 – Falmouth

3 Nights
£ 450 per person

Just Two Berths Left!

Looking to explore further west into Cornwall then why not join Agnes for her 3 night voyage from Falmouth for the whole Easter weekend. Enjoy this beautiful pilot cutter as she explores the Carrick Roads and the surrounding coastline. A wonderful playground! Venture as far east as Fowey and South west as Coverack. A great early season adventure and no experience required. 

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4.    Irene 

 South Devon Traditional Sailing Taster onboard the West Country trading Ketch Irene

Embark - 24/04/2019 - Dartmouth
Disembark - 27/04/2019 – Dartmouth

3 Nights
£ 445 per person

Join Irene as she explore the Devon coast for 3 nights. A perfect early season getaway whether you are a seasoned sailor or total beginner. Plenty of opportunity to get involved and haul on sails on her wide and open decks or similarly sit back and enjoy the view. She is comfortably set up down below with four standard two berth cabins ensuite cabins.

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5.    Tecla

Exploring the Outer Hebrides and aim for St Kilda on Tecla

Embark - 01/05/2019 - Ullapool
Disembark - 09/05/2019 - Ullapool

8 Days
2 berth ensuite cabin
€ 990 – under 26years old
€1215- Over 25 years old

An 8 day expedition out to the outer Hebrides and if the weather allows St Kilda, the furthest outpost of the Hebrides 30 miles out into the Atlantic. A mecca for bird and sea life who choose to come to Scotland to raise their young and feast on the rich Atlantic currents. Ullapool offers a perfect start and end port for those looking to explore these beautiful islands. Tecla visits Scotland on a yearly basis knows the best places to visit and have a great track record getting to St Kilda.  

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6.    Leader 

Bank Holiday Taster voyage exploring Torbay and the Devon coast 

Embark - 05/05/2019 - Brixham
Disembark - 06/05/2019 -Brixham

1 Nights
£ 195 per person

A perfect way to get out on the water over the May bank holiday. A short taster where you can learn the ropes and enjoy the hospitality onboard. Perfect for beginners or seasoned sailors alike and offers a great opportunity to then get out on the water for longer later in the summer. 


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7.    Provident

Explore the South West, Sail to Brittany or Explore the Channel Islands

Embark - 11/05/2019 - Brixham
Disembark -17/05/2019 – Brixham

6 Nights
Limited places
£ 750 per person

A week long spring voyage exploring over the channel if the weather allows or if not the ports and anchorages of the South coast of the UK. A perfect opportunity for those looking to do an overnight passage and extended period of time at sea when crossing the channel, if the weather plays the game. Escape to sea and bond as part of the crew under the watchful eye of the permanent crew.


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8.    Golden Vanity

Artist voyage- sail in the company of renowned Brixham artist and sailor Toni Knights

Photo - Hywel Jopling

Embark - 18/05/2019 – Brixham
Disembark - 23/05/2019 -Brixham

5 Nights
£ 595 per person

Surround yourself with creative inspiration as you explore the picturesque Devon coastline. Toni Knights, the well known and charismatic artist and sailor will be onboard to offer advice and ensure that you make the most of your surroundings. A voyage that offers a great balance between sailing, being creative and exploring ashore. 


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9.    Pilgrim

Devon and Cornwall Coastal Sailing Adventure

Embark - 28/05/2019 - Brixham
Disembark - 02/06/2019 – Falmouth

5 nights
£ 499 per person

A voyage with a sense of journey along the coast of Devon and Cornwall. It’s a great challenged focused on heading westwards on this great sea going boat. Depending on the weather you might sail via France for a flying visit or make stop off’s along the coast towards the west country. Great for beginner and seasoned sailor alike focused on time at sea with possible over night sailing, rather than being in port everynight. 


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10.    Blue Clipper

Sail from Liverpool to Ullapool and Explore the Whisky isles of Scotland

Embark - 01/06/2019 - Liverpool
Disembark - 08/06/2019 – Ullapool

7 Nights
£ 1,080 per person

Head North from Liverpool heading towards Scotland. A great balance of passage making with standing watch at night to get to Scottish waters before short days sails and times ashore. She is a well appointed vessel with comfortable 2 berth ensuite cabins and a good guest to crew ratio that means you are well looked after. This late Spring voyage is a great way to build miles and explore a beautiful part of the UK. 

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This is just a selection of what we what to offer and so if the dates don't suit you or you want to explore somewhere else then let us inspire you. Look at our inspire me page or get in touch email at or call us on 01872 580022 and we would love to help you.


We shall see you out on the water.


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