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Victory Chimes - Kit List

Sociable sailing holidays on Victory Chimes

Packing Tips

It's best to pack light and in soft luggage; it squishes better under beds. You also don't need to bring towels, washcloths or shampoo. There are two hot showers for guests, each available from 7am to 9pm each day. 

Top tip from Classic Sailing. You can't all fit in the shower at 8am. Sneaking off for a shower later in the day, is much more pleasurable.

Climate for Sailing in Maine

​It's always cooler on the water, and we're powered by the wind - so make sure to have some sweaters and layers when you start packing!

​On top of that, at either end of the season, June in the beginning and September & October towards the end, can be brisk. Above all, be comfortable and be prepared.

​Packing List (with European Translation)

$25 Cash for parking in a lot (car park) right nearby. 

Sneakers (trainers)  and deck shoes are best for comfort and traction on deck.

Sun stuff: sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen; no trees at sea.

Rain jacket (not a poncho) and rain pants (waterproof trousers or salopettes). They don't have to be offshore sailing clothing - any good quality hiking waterproofs are fine. You can avoid standing in the rain looking at a steely sea all day, by hunkering down in the galley with a book, but to not bring waterproofs would limit your options and they are great as windproof protection too.

Swimsuit if you fancy swimming off the boat or in a cove ashore.

Earplugs: if you're a light sleeper, consider bringing a pair, the crew gets up early to get ready for the day, and sound travels easily in a wooden ship - it's like a big guitar sometimes!

Camera: of course a camera! Maine is too beautiful to just commit to memory. 

Sleeping bag: this is only if you want to sleep on deck, which is a real neat thing to do. There's a big, padded square under the middle mast, and dozing under the Milky Way and rising with the sun, is a treat. 


​Note that because the vessel is Federally inspected, and so under Federal jurisdiction, marijuana, though newly legal on the state level, and here in Maine, is still illegal federally and so not allowed aboard VICTORY CHIMES. Sorry to harsh your mellow. 

Alcohol - After sailing its great to enjoy a cool beer, wine etc. The ship does have a vast cooler fridge on deck, so you can store your favourite beer or bubbly.

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