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A Warm Welcome to Polar Tall Ship Explorers

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Seize the Day - Lets go Polar Sailing

We hoped you enjoyed our new Polar Tall Ships website but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations on taking the first step towards a voyage in the Arctic or Antarctic on a real sailing ship. 

We have transported you to our main website - Classic Sailing.  This is where you will find the full voyage descriptions, dates and prices and can actually turn your 'inner explorer' goals into reality.

It is a big website covering voyages on traditional boats and tall ships all over the world, not just the polar regions. If you are already excited about high latitude sailing on a tall ship, let us help you navigate our website to find the actual voyages in Antarctica and the Arctic, and a whole lot more about the ships, crews and destinations.

If you want to get really fired up then talk to a human: Our office staff are all experienced sailors, skippers and wildlife enthusiasts so we would love you to ring us on 0044 (0)1872 580022

Classic Sailing staff skippers are the team behind Polar Tall Ships


Fast Track Me to Iceland, Norway and Arctic Voyages

We have a much bigger range of Summer Arctic Voyages and vessels than the Antarctic, and we are adding to them all the time. Its a new frontier for charter sailing adventures but our skippers are experienced ice pilots with many miles of high altitude sailing.

Iceland and Northern Norway, Lofoten Isles are on the edge of the Arctic Circle with good wildlife and decent sailing breezes. East Greeland is much further North but often warm and sunny due to Greenland High Pressure stable conditions. Jan Mayen or Bear Island off Svalbard are well off the tourist track, as is sailing from Iceland to Svalbard accross a big stretch of ocean. Arctic Voyages totally based in Svalbard (Spitsbergen is the main island) are your best bet for polar bears. There is quite a big range in sailing styles and levels of challenge which we can advise on if you are new to sailing.

Arctic Circle Voyages - all vessels - Descriptions, dates, prices and availability


Iceland Voyages - all vessels, Descriptions dates, prices and availability


Tecla is based in Iceland for the summer and has two Greenland Expeditions
Tecla is based in Iceland for the summer and has two Greenland Expeditions

Fast Track Me to Antarctic Voyages

Our Antarctic Voyages on Bark Europa typically run from November to April and we have dates right up to February 2019. These voyages are all fully booked but we occasionally have last minute cancellations so it is worth checking out the prices and voyage itineraries to identify which type of Antarctic Expedition you would like to experience and giving us a ring. See the actual voyage dates below.

Antarctic and South Georgia Voyages - Vessels, Descriptions, Dates and Prices


Next season release dates and reserve lists: The next new Antarctic Voyage to be announced in May 2018 will be the 52 day Antarctic and South Georgia Expedition for 2019.

The following season for 2019-2020 can be announced anytime from July 2018 onwards after itinerary approval from Antarctic Treaty Authorities.

We recommend you make 'an expression of interest' for the 22 day, 38 day or 52 day Antarctic voyages by filling in a pre booking form (no financial commitment at this stage) so we can keep you up to date with the new voyage dates.

Paying for Antarctic Voyages: Once we have new availability from the ship we can usually reserve you a place for 7 days before the deposit is due (30%). The next stage payment is one month after the deposit (30%) and the final 40% balance is due 12 weeks before your trip. The other costs include a €30 euro booking fee on all voyages and if you are also going to South Georgia there is a landing fee (see current voyage details). We can advise you on most economical flight routes to South America to join the ship.

Bark Europa finds plenty of room to sail in Antarctica
Bark Europa finds plenty of room to sail in Antarctica

More About the Ships & Life on Board

Our Vessel pages for each tall ship have a huge amount of information. If you like to research the best ship for your adventure on line then Classic Sailing has the most comprehensive information about each ship and destination you can find.  We add details from the ship itself, our first hand experience of the ships and the destinations, kit lists, skipper and crew profiles, technical info, stories, reviews and images from guests and professional crew. 

Europa - three masted square rigger - Antarctic

Tecla - two masted gaff ketch - Arctic - Iceland and Greenland

Blue Clipper - three masted schooner - Arctic  Iceland, Jan Mayen, Svalbard, Bear Island, Lofoten Islands

Antigua - three masted barquentine - Arctic Svalbard

Opal - two masted  gaff rigged schooner - Arctic Greenland

Hildur - Two masted gaff rigged schooner - Arctic Greenland

Donna Wood - two masted gaff rigged ketch - Arctic Greenland

Find a sunny spot to eat lunch in Antarctica on Europa
Find a sunny spot to eat lunch in Antarctica on Europa

More About Destinations

Polar Tall Ships Website gives you a taste of each sailing area in the Arctic and Antarctic, but here on our main website we have individual destination pages.

Antarctica    South Georgia    Greenland    Iceland   Svalbard     Arctic Norway


Lenticular clouds and Bark Europa in Grytviken, South Georgia
Lenticular clouds and Bark Europa in Grytviken, South Georgia

Future Polar Voyages

Classic Sailing e newsletters are worth signing up for as we launch new programmes here as soon as they are released....and sometimes a few sneak previews of what is to come.  As a company we no longer run our own charter ship, so we can provide honest comparison between the ships we promote. As charter skippers ourselves we know it makes sense to take the time to get you on the right voyage and vessel for your abilities and interests, and then the captain can create an awesome, happy crew from you all.

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