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Ocean Sailing - Around the World Adventures by Tall Ship

Many sailors find that crossing the ocean blue under sail has a profound effect on them. There is comfort that the world is still a big beautiful place. The simple ritual of getting up for your watch, sharing the wonder of a sky full of stars or the sun going down and physical things to do each day will be better for your soul than countless yoga classes. Like the Aboriginal concept of going walkabout, you can truely disappear for a few weeks or months into the big blue yonder and come back a different person. It is a rite of passage.

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Why we love this sailing ground

Sail the Seven Seas - The Last Wild Frontier

Crossing an ocean on a square rigger are real voyages of discovery...mostly about yourself and fellow crew. It is possible to live ashore comfortably, and dare we say boringly, but you will never know your true strengths and weaknesses, or what you can achieve working with others. Crossing an ocean on a square rigger or a smaller traditional vessel is a challenge and a lifetime ambition you should seize whilst you still can.  With coastal sailing you can run and hide from weather systems. In a big ocean you just have to deal with what comes and have a healthy respect for the power of nature in all its moods.

Ocean sailing in rough seas on Europa
Ocean sailing in rough seas on Europa. Photo by Sandy Gale

 Time to Yourself & Companionship

What did civilisation do before TV, Facebook, the internet ? They talked, entertained each other with stories, co-operated with their fellow humans to achieve things, taught each other new skills, read books, shared dreams for the future, set each other challenges, lived in fear and wonder of nature. Without Google you turn to each other and books for information. Let the people onboard surprise you with their in depth knowledge of  very diverse subjects. All our ocean going vessels have a collection of reference and inspirational books on board.  You establish a routine that is relaxing and comfortable but keeps you occupied. 

If you commit to a longer voyage, something remarkable happens. Everyone learns to give each other space when you need it. There is always somewhere on the ship you can go to read a book without interruption, write a journal or grab an afternoon snooze. 

Handing over the wheel at sunset on Europa. Photo by Roland Gockel
Handing over the wheel at sunset on Europa. Photo by Roland Gockel

Sail Around the World...or at least part of it

We are not going to pretend that every ocean voyage we offer will be zero carbon, as water makers and electric generators on board need diesel, but you are planning to travel around the world then at least consider a few legs under sail. The ships crew is divided into watch groups and you take turns at being responsible for sailing the ship - day and night, whilst the other watches relax or sleep. It is remarkable how the miles soon notch up and it really is a shared adventure. By the time you reach your destination, everyone will have played an important part in helping to get there - every sail set, potatoes peeled, dorado caught and feasted on, birthday cakes decorated or miles steered.

It takes about 3-4 weeks for a classic North Atlantic Crossing in the Trade Winds, sometimes a lot faster. We have ships that sail from Europe to South America, or Patagonia to Africa  if you have a couple of months spare. Occasionally we have ships cross the Pacific or even sail around the world in a series of legs.

Bark Europa can set a total of 30 sails in the tropics
Which ship for my adventure?

Bark Europa for advanced Square Rig Seamanship

Known as the ocean wanderer Europa is a Dutch barque with a reputation for piling on the sail. As an efficient sailing machine she has few equals and I have never seen her under canvased. If you want to learn as much as possible about trimming square sails, handing stunsails in tropical storms, leatherwork, ropework, meteorology, astro navigation and oceanography then Bark Europa is the ship for you. You can do the bare minimum of steering and lookout and frequent the bar off watch, but that would be an awful waste of what you could share with an intelligent and 'daring do' professional crew.

Blue Clipper for Pioneering New Journeys

This three masted schooner is a 'new kid on the block' but run by an experienced sail training charity. They really put adventure and exploration in their sailing schedules with Arctic firsts to Jan Meyen and Iceland to Svalbard or Svalbard to Lofoten. In winter they cross oceans form Europe for some Caribbean destinations which are way off the beaten track in yachting terms. As a former private yacht the accommodation is good with double cabins, air conditioning etc.

Oosterschelde for Classic Ocean Cruising

This impressive three masted topsail schooner has sailed around the world twice and has her favourite winter and summer sailing destinations. Ocean voyages you can always catch are Holland to Cape Verde, half way down the West Coast of Africa. She also crosses the Atlantic regularly. It is very relaxed on Oosterschelde despite the fairly small crew of captain, mate, cook and 2 watch leaders. The gaff sails are huge but they always seem to find enough crew to set sail, but there also seems plenty of time to relax. There is even a piano in the saloon.

Morgenster for Fast Sailing

This beautifully proportioned square rigger offers very affordable winter sun breaks in the Canaries, and sometimes the Caribbean. Morgenster means 'morning star' in Dutch and is run by a couple who are very well known in the sail training world and very hospitable. Captain Harry and Marianne Mutter are ably assisted by their second Captain Jakob who is also great fun and was voted best 'sail training captain of the year' by Sail Training International in 2017. 

Eye of the Wind for Canaries - Caribbean

An eye catching brig with red sails, Eye of the Wind has featured in many movies like 'White Squall' and was the round the world expedition ship for Operation Drake many years ago. The crew are fairly relaxed how much sailing the guests do, so if you want to go island hopping and not jump up for every sail change, then the young crew on Eye of the Wind could be the ones to take you on a chilled adventure.

Destination Vessels
Europa has a reputation as an ocean Wanderer - Albatrosses in Southern Ocean; Skysails in tropics
Southern Ocean epics - A real sailors choice -upto 5000 miles in Antarctic and Sub Antarctic waters
North, South, East or West?

Northwards Classic Sailing is developing a bit of a specialism in Arctic Voyages from East Greenland right they way across to Svalbard and Arctic Circle Norway and the Lofoten Isles in the Northern Hemisphere summer. 

If you want to sail in the Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea, Antarctic Waters, experience huge waves and albatrosses of the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties or sail past Cape Horn then we do that too.

We are pretty good on warmer ocean crossings between Western seaboard of South America to South Africa and Trans Atlantic Circuits between Europe and the Caribbean.

Voyages in the Pacific and Indian Ocean do come up from time to time. 


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