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Themed Sailing Voyages - Art, Music, Wildlife, Photography

Below are a few of our themed voyages. They will always include sailing a traditional boat or tall ship, learning to set sails or steer by the wind, anchoring in beautiful places or interesting ports. The theme is purely a bonus that we think fits rather well with the holiday, and has been given a special emphasis by a teacher or expert in the subject. 

We have voyages to tap into your creativity, if you are into photography, or enjoy painting and sketching on holiday.  If you love all forms of outdoor pursuits we have other sporting activities that fit well with a sailing voyage. Try sailing and kayaking, mountain or wilderness walking in places like Scotland or Greenland. Our Icelandic owned boats can add sailing and ski-ing or mountaineering. Whisky tasting, seafood festivals, musicians on board, 'women go wild weekends' are just some of the voyages we have run.

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As many of the voyages that we offer take place in beautiful surroundings or offer chances to taste delicious sea food and view nature in its true habitat we thought that perhaps you may also like to learn how to paint in water colours, cook fresh seafood or take professional looking wildlife photographs.

Sketching & Painting Voyages 

Whether it is pencil or paints — bring along your desired art materials for a voyage with a difference where you will be encouraged to take time to allow your artistic talent some time to embrace your new nautical outlook! These voyages are usually held in the UK and can very from weekend short breaks to a full week of sailing and painting.  The sailing areas and our ships are chosen to be inspirational and provide an abundance of new material for your artistic creative leaning. Like all our voyages good food, a cosy berth and excellent sailing and painting tuition are all provided! 

Toni Knights Sketching & Painting Voyages
Sketching & Painting Voyages


Marine Photography

Marine Photography Voyages
Marine Photography Voyages

On our special Marine and Wildlife Photography Voyages there are wildlife experts on board with considerable experience to help you spot and take incredible pictures of the locations inhabitants and landscapes. 

Tall ships are perfect for getting that amazing shot as the rigging and bowsprit nets elevates you over the water and your subject matter as the ship magnificently slips silently through the water. 

Depending on your chosen sailing location there are opportunities to photograph beautiful and unspoilt anchorages. Dolphins usual pop up and provide an wonderful photographic display and if you are lucky enough to have joined a Arctic voyage Polar bear, whales, penguins and Northern Lights will be gratifyingly challenging to capture on film! 

You don't have to travel to Spitsbergen or Antarctica to learn something about photography. We have run 2-3 day photo workshops during maritime events in the UK too.

Musicians & Music

Musician & Music Voyages
Musician & Music Voyages

Traditional boats and ships seems to attract musicians. Guitar, harmonica, violin, squeeze box and of course just a good singing voice or two are always welcome on any voyage.

These themed voyages are where you are guaranteed a talented musician is on board and there will be moments when the air will be filled with live music. Clearly, if hands are needed on deck the instruments will be kept dry and safe until there is a practical time to relax and enjoy a bit of a knees up and sing song. The destinations of these voyages are enhanced by the sound of live music and if you have a harmonica or banjo that you would like to bring along with you all the better! 

Sailing Voyages with Musician on board

Walking and Sailing Holidays 

Walking and Sailing Voyages
Walking and Sailing Voyages

Perhaps for the more adventurous type these fantastic walking and sailing voyages are like mini expeditions!  Expect remote and breathtaking destinations where the coastlines may only be accessible by boat. Sailing from anchorage to anchorage (no marina's!) you will be encouraged to go ashore and explore the location and find the wildlife! There are usually many destinations to choose from and each vessel offers a unique experience. From Cape Verde to the Shetland Islands! The choice is yours. 

Whale Watching Hot Spots

Whale Watching Voyages
Whale Watching Voyages

Whale Watching Hot Spot Voyages are ocean voyages set in isolated and unspoilt locations. Depending on the weather and sea conditions coupled with a pinch of patience  Minke, humpback, blue whales, dolphins and orcas plus an abundance of other local wildlife will be found.  The captain and crew are very experienced in these oceans and have specifically chosen to offer Whale Watching Voyage so they are keen to meet your whale sighting expectations! 

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