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St Georges, Bermuda

Latest port updates

The joining ports in Bermuda are usually either St Georges or Hamilton, once the port is known it will be communicated to you. 

For Blue Clipper 2019 season, St George's will be the start or end port. 

How to get here

Air & transfers

L.F.Wade International Airport (BDA) is the only airport on Bermuda. British Airways offers direct flights from London or connecting flights with American Airlines via the US.

On arrival, taxi is the best way of getting to the disembarkation point, just for ease of time and comfort. However, if you have time on your hands, then exploring the island by bus, scooter or pedal cycle is fun. Remember, they drive on the left!

Bermudas currency is the Bermudan Dollar, which is tied to the US dollar. It can only be used in Bermuda, so do not take out more than you need. Ensure that you change back any unspent dollars before returning home.

Places to stay, Things to do, Travel companions

Bermuda is a British overseas territory, having been settled by the Brits in 1609, making it the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory. It is also the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas.

Classic Sailing invites to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other sailors who have booked with us. If you want to find a travel companion or share ideas on accommodation options before your trip, then posting a request on this is this is a safer option than our public Facebook page. (due to data protection laws we cannot pass on contact details for other sailors on your trip directly)

Your travel responsibilities

Passports and Visas***

*** “Classic Sailing cannot cover every possible visa scenario as customers may have dual nationality, or be working or living in a country different from their passport nationality.

To avoid any last-minute stress, we advise you to contact the local embassies of the countries you will be visiting in your country to find out which travel documents you need. Please start early, obtaining a visa can take some time. It is your responsibility to have the right travel documents for all countries you visit during your stay on board.

If you plan to travel onto other destinations please check you have a right to stay in the country too as you may be classed as arriving in a country as ‘yacht sailors in transit’ and not have same rights as a tourist.

Even if you don’t need a visa, please check your passport expiry date is sufficient for country entry requirements.”***

Travel, Health, Vaccinations and Safety

Security for tourists in certain countries, regions or cities can change rapidly. Please check with your own Government Foreign Office for their latest advice for travellers.

UK travellers check under specific destination at

Likewise we suggest you check if there are any recommended or required vaccinations well before departure as some take more than one jab. For UK travellers check out ‘Fit for Travel’

Travel Insurance

It is compulsory that you have travel insurance to sail on any of our voyages, but you do not have to buy the insurance from us. If you purchase your own please make sure it covers sailing as an activity, and racing if you are racing crew. Most our voyages sail further than 3 miles from the shore so check that you will be covered sailing outside territorial waters.

Classic Sailing recommend Topsail Insurance They have policies designed for sailing crew on yachts or tall ships, whether you want an annual policy or a single trip. These are suitable for UK based sailors but the page also has links to alternative companies and recommended insurance companies for non UK citizens.

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