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Blue Clipper

Sail as guest crew on the three masted schooner Blue Clipper. She has built a solid reputation as an expedition yacht in the Arctic with her heading south in the winter to the Canaries, Cape Verde's and the Caribbean. Due to her previous life as a private superyacht she has an inherent elegance, space and luxury accommodation to offer all that sail aboard her.

Learn the ropes from the permanent deck crew and experience a hands on sailing experience. She also has a dedicated hospitality team who strive to look after your every need whilst onboard. 

Her 2018 has marked a new chapter for Blue Clipper as she is repainted blue and travels north for an Arctic adventure exploring Iceland, Svalbard, the Lofoten Islands and the Norwegian Fjords before heading south until the butter melts and spending the winter in the Caribbean. 

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  • Length overall: 44m
  • Length on deck: 32m


  • Year built: 1991
  • Vessel type/rig:Gaff Schooner 


  • Guest berths:12
  • Crew berths: 8-10


Our Expert View: What Blue Clipper Does Best

Classic Yacht with Hands On Sailing

Tall Ship Blue Clipper is a spacious and luxuriously furnished gaff rigged schooner. In the construction of the hull modern elements are mixed with traditional elements, such as a clipper bow, an elegant yacht stern and a long ballast keel. The teak deck gives an opulent feel to the ship but with the security of a tough steel deck underneath.  Blue Clipper may have been a super-yacht, and there is room for sun loungers on the main deck, but don't be deceived.  This schooner is now owned and run as a sail training ship. You can still pose on your 'yacht' but this will definitely be a 'hands on' adventure where you learn traditional sailing skills and get to know your ship-mates on the night watches. She takes part in international tall ships races and in her first season did a trans Atlantic Tall Ships Race Canada and back

Blue Clipper at the Torbay Tall Ships Race Start 2017
Blue Clipper at the Torbay Tall Ships Race Start 2017

High Latitude Sailing - Arctic Expeditions

Blue Clipper is commercially coded for worldwide operations, she takes full advantage of her ocean credentials and focuses on big expedition type voyage programmes each year.

Her Captain Chris Rose has spent many years sailing in the Arctic , so her second summer season naturally has to feature an epic route through his favourites in the Arctic Circle. If you are a career sailor, wildlife photographer or just love the great outdoors, then the two to three week voyages are long enough to feel like a proper expedition and notch up some serious miles amongst the ice and glaciers. Spend part of your summer amongst the best wildlife wildernesses and mountain scenery in Northern Europe looking for polar bear and orca. 

Sail in the Arctic voyages from Greenland to Svalbard on Schooner Blue Clipper

Blue Water Passages & Winter Sun

Are you a restless soul who wants a tan but prefers to earn it travelling, or doing something adventurous? If you love ocean sailing, salt spray in your hair and tropical sun, but at the end of the day an air conditioned cabin with shower en-suite, then Blue Clipper could be the ship for you. At 105 feet long she is big to stroll the wooden decks at sunset....and she is going to all the right places for a spectacular sun-downer: The Algarve, Canaries, Cape Verde, Caribbean, Cuba and two big trans Atlantic crossings.

Blue water passages on schooner Blue Clipper

Sailing Style

Step on board TS Blue Clipper for active sailing with an edge of luxury. Classic Sailing only work with dynamic sailing ships that offer 'hands on sailing.' It is part of our ethos and Blue Clipper's that everyone on board helps sail the ship. You really don't need any sailing experience as the professional crew will go through everything from safety drills, how to pull ropes efficiently, find the right halyard or steer the 144ft schooner. You don't have to be super strong.

Climbing the mast is not compulsory but it's a great buzz. The masts extend with lofty topmasts and all three masts are gaff rigged. The jibs are not roller reefed, so you really do have to go on the bowsprit to stow them, and there is plenty for crews to work on with blocks and tackles. As an ocean sailing ship there will be a sextant on board. On ocean voyages the Captain will show you on how to navigate using only a sextant, the sun and the stars is well as all the modern gizmos! 

Sextant practice on Blue Clipper. Astro navigation on a schooner mid ocean

Life on Board

Tall Ship Blue Clipper has extensive accommodation below decks and can accommodate up to 12 guest trainees on board, with 6 twin en-suite cabins, a luxury double cabin, large saloon areas which are beautifully decorated and maintained, a well-equipped galley and plenty of places to sit and relax on deck. At capacity, she can sleep 28 people including professional crew. There will usually be between 8 and 10 permanent crew onboard with you, they are all highly experienced in their relevant fields. 

Now Blue Clipper is an adventure charter vessel, everyone is part of the guest crew regardless of which cabins you are in. When the ship is on passage there will be a watch system so everyone can take turns at sailing the ship or relaxing and sleeping. You don't have to be super strong, or have any sailing experience - just a sense of adventure and a reasonable level of health for offshore sailing. 

For sailing on Blue Clipper, you will be required to climb, unaided a steep ladder of over 2m to access the accommodation areas.

sea journey, GAP Year, ocean passage on Blue Clipper


Blue Clipper sails 24 hours a day. To enable the ship to operate safely and efficiently a three watch system is run at all times. We have Red, White and Blue watch. Watches are usually four hours long. The afternoon watch is split in two to enable a complete rotation of watches every three days. Please see below for an example watch system:

0000 – 0400 Red Watch
0400 – 0800 White Watch
0800 – 1200 Blue Watch
1200 – 1600 Red Watch
1600 – 1800 White Watch
1800 – 2000 Blue Watch
2000 – 0000 Red Watch

When on watch, it is the responsibility of the watch leader and their team to handle the safe navigation of the ship, adjust sails and keep a lookout for any hazards. On Blue Clipper it is optional for guests to join a watch, but we highly recommend it at least once to get a real feel for life at sea! Watches will be assigned at the start of the voyage. You have a chance to learn all aspects of traditional sailing from our wonderful deck crew; having a chance to steer the ship, complete the log book entries, plot our course on the chart, climb the rigging, and experience amazing starry skies during a night watch at sea!


We are able to do laundry on longer passages, depending on the sea conditions. If you would like to do laundry on board please speak to the hospitality manager or stewardess on board. The fee for laundry service is £5 per load. Please note that the ship cannot accept liability for damage to clothing caused by this service.

Accommodation & Layout

Tall Ship Blue Clipper has extensive accommodation below decks and can accommodate up to 12 guest trainees on board, with 6 twin en-suite cabins, a luxury double cabin, large saloon areas which are beautifully decorated and maintained, a well-equipped galley and plenty of places to sit and relax on deck.

In the forepeak we have 4 trainee berths and 2 crew bunks.

In midships we have the guest accommodation with 6 twin ensuite cabins and a luxury double suite. Furthest aft there is the crew quarters, with 4 twin cabins and shared bathroom.

The engine room and lazarette are also located at the aft of the ship.

There is a large comfortable saloon area with a bar area to make tea and coffee. The saloon is on deck level with windows to both sides so you can enjoy the view without going outside on those wet days! Meals are served in the saloon and the onboard chef prepares 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and a two course evening meal. Drinks are available throughout the day, with alcoholic beverages available with evenings meals on a TAB system, this can be paid for at the end of the voyage or bar vouchers purchased before you join the ship. 

The saloon bar is open from 1700 to 2300 each day serving wine, beer and spirits. Blue Clipper and her wonderful crew can also make cocktails!

Please bear in mind that alcohol can affect stability and judgement, and exercise extreme cautions when moving around the ship after drinking. Each person is aware of their limits, and while we wish you to enjoy your time on board Blue Clipper it is extremely important not to endanger the safety of yourself or your crew mates through excessive drinking.

If you are planning to take part in a watch, please remember that you will be the eyes and ears of the ship and refrain from drinking in the four hours leading up to your watch time and while you are on watch. It is not possible to climb the rig after consuming alcohol.

Blue Clipper Saloon
Blue Clipper Saloon


All guest cabins are twin, ensuite cabins with plenty of storage space, two spacious bunks (bunk bed style),a writing desk, bathroom with shower and toilet, air conditioning and heating, and are decorated and finished to a high standard. Each bed has a comfortable memory foam mattress, duvet and pillow. Each bunk has it's own reading light and all cabins have a porthole for natural light. 

There is also a luxury double suite, with large double bed, huge ensuite bathroom, seating area and plenty of storage space. 

Each cabin has heating/air conditioning available. This is controlled for the whole ship by the chief engineer. Each cabin has an individual thermostat on the wall so you can control the temperature.

All cabins have plug sockets for charging electrical devices. These are European 2 pin sockets. We ask that you do not leave items on charge when you are not in the cabin.


Blue Clipper Accommodation
Blue Clipper Accommodation
Blue Clipper Double Cabin
Blue Clipper Double Cabin

Ship Specification

Hammock on Blue Clipper crossing the Atlantic 2017
Hammock on Blue Clipper crossing the Atlantic 2017

· Class: B

· Year built: 1991

· Rig: 3 masted Gaff rigged Schooner

· Length overall: 44m

Length on deck 32m

· Beam: 7.41m

· Draught: 4m

· Height: 31m

Sail Area: 675 m²

· Areas of operation: Worldwide

· Number of guests: 12

· Number of permanent crew: 8-10

· Berth types: Twin Cabins, single bunks/One Double Cabin


Blue Clipper Captain Chris Rose is an experienced high latitude skipper
Captain Chris Rose with the professional crew

 Chris Rose - Captain of Blue Clipper

  • RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

  • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean 

  • Powerboat Instructor

  • STCW 95

  • Medical Care aboard Ship

  • Sea Survival Instructor

  • Before joining Maybe Sailing as Skipper of Blue Clipper, Chris was Skipper of Prolific, undertaking many Arctic expeditions.  An outdoor enthusiast and former teacher, Chris brings with him an abundance of knowledge and experience. 

Interests: Outdoor adventure activities, swimming, keeping fit, high latitude sailing.

Dislikes: Instant Coffee!!

Favourite Sandwich: Chip Butty!!

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